003 Hollotec Lock Picking Course Reviewed

Episode 003 – Hollotec Lock Picking Course – Reviewed

Hollotec.com Lock Picking Course Review

With all of my course reviews I do not receive any compensation from the courses I attend and I go blind so that instructors don’t treat me differently than any other non-reviewing student.

Today we talk:

  • Hollotec.com ‘s LEO and Military Lock Picking Course.
  • The principles under which I operate when attending specialty schools.
  • The course layout.
  • A few small differences between Hollotec’s course and my own.
  • What I liked, what I didn’t.
  • And more…

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Just some of our teaching tools we got to use.


A few padlocks we had to lock pick open.


A difficult but also easy lock to gain access to! Security is funny sometimes!


This is one of the ACTUALLY sensitive topics we covered…


Annnnnd some of the tools that were issued to the students, some of the tools were earned from picking higher security locks.

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