005 Decoding Priorities

005 Decoding Priorities

Today we do some drinking and some venting give you tools for the toolbox to help you look at your agency with a more trained eye, and the following:

  • Seriously, what your toilet paper says about your employer.
  • The double edged sword of “Liability”.
  • Which would you chose; an unshaven cop or an obesely overweight cop?
  • Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy, yet again! 🙂
  • Training v Testing v Certified v Proficient.
  • Drinking while performing the mission?
  • And more!


Below are actual pictures of food that I took myself that I had the “pleasure” of being able to kind of eat on active US Navy ships during counter drug deployments.

These first two are from the US Naval vessel “USS McClusky” during a deployment sometime around 2009:

My high school cafeteria puts this US Navy ship to fucking shame. And to be completely honest the food was even worst than it looks in the pictures. Often times completely unedible.


Again, don’t be fooled by the picture, it’s much worse than it looks… Fact. I guess people out fighting a “war” are supposed to fuel their bodies with this horse shit. Not what you saw on the Food Channel “Military Cooking Competitions” is it?

Below are two pictures from the RFA Wave Ruler, freshly prepared desserts came with every lunch and every dinner (something the US has not figured out) and EVERY dessert was completely fucking fantastic. BETTER than chain restaurants here stateside.

A NORMAL night of dinner and dessert prepared fresh onboard of the RFA Wave Ruler, a British Military Ship during those SAME type of counter-drug deployments I was on in the previous pictures with the US Navy “food”.


You’ll also notice that on this British Ship I’m eating off of a real plate in this one, as an enlisted operator. Which is something only reserved for our far superior all knowing US Military Officers who weep for us at night that they do their utmost every day to take care of their crew….. FML…

***IF you have been or are going on a deployment with the US military or a foreign military and have an interest in submitting content to this show or giving us some feedback or even an interview, drop us a line on our CONTACT PAGE.


Economics we referenced in the show (LINK).

Liberty Mastermind Podcast episode with Raeford Davis where we discuss the Peelian Principles (LINK).

War Is A Racket book we referenced at the end of the show, our review here (LINK).

Thanks for sticking around during this anger driven vent-fest! But this is actually a really important topic to talk about and to teach people so that they are TRULY informed about what their agency is doing and how their agency ACTUALLY treats them. If you found any value in today’s show than please subscribe to us on this site.


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