006 Why Pat Left the Military

006 Why Pat Left the Military

Who benefits and who carries the risk when we go to war? Hmm? I’ll wait…

Let’s start here:

I did not leave the military, the military left me – a LONG time ago…

Today’s podcast is going to be dead honest and really negative about this military and this government we have here in the United States. I do not believe in “Blind Patriotism” and in the words of an Instagram friend of mine, roughly “The same people that support the thin blue line and say ‘support the troops’ are the same ones who in 1775 were saying ‘support the redcoats!'”. If you are interested in putting your blind patriotism or your blind-anything aside for a few minutes and hearing the words of a veteran that learned a whole lot of truth about our country that you don’t see on tv or the movies or in the fucking BS main stream media… than please join us for today’s episode.

Today we talk about:

  • If you hated our last episode, you’re not gonna enjoy this one.
  • Officers V Enlisted – we are NOT in this together.
  • The Pay Scale.
  • The Promotion System.
  • The unbelievable incompetence of the bureaucracy. Up until my final minutes.
  • The hypocrisy.
  • War Is A Racket (LINK).

Thanks for spending some time here and for hearing some truths.




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