008 Tactical Alcohol?

008 Tactical Alcohol?

On today’s drunken podcast we talk about Military, Law Enforcement and ALCOHOL! …and not in the way you might think… and more:

  • TX Joe is starting out strong with content production.
  • Captain Jack gets introduced and joins the discussion today.
  • A story from Pat about alcohol from the US military and foreign military points of view. VERY enlightening!
  • Cops, Military, Is “Swearing In” something you believe in? Or is it something you just SAY to get hired…?
  • You’re going to hear this phrase on UTac a lot “Creating a Criminal”.
  • Hope you’re not getting sick of this one either… Pournelle’s Iron Law.
  • Learned Helplessness.
  • Painting Dicks inside and on the walls of government buildings.
  • Jack says “Fuck it, I’m gonna do it!” Yeah Jack!
  • More on tactical instructors.
  • Peelian principles… again.
  • And lots more drunken tactical ranting.

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Keep your head on a swivel, use smart tactics even when you don’t think you need them, and question everything…even your own authority.


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