010 A Conversation About Lights and Sirens

010 A Conversation About Lights and Sirens

Behind the scenes info, sad, funny, true.

Today we have a conversation about police lights and sirens, a public service announcement and of course some insider information.

And the following:

  • Get ready for a few long winded “Pat Rants”…
  • Sirens for pizza?
  • Emergency lights just to pass slow traffic?
  • The classic cancelled call.
  • TX Joe makes the Siren noise with his mouth 🙂 hahahahah.
  • Who actually has the discretion to use Emergency Lights?
  • Reasons that we LIMIT our light/siren usage.
  • And finally a risk that LEO’s take every shift to actually help.
  • And more!


Here Ole Dammegard talks about some very eye opening ideas, mostly conspiracy minded (and I can tell you from personal experience that it’s not a stretch to believe that the government doesn’t value you or your life) but Ole also makes the comment that most police officers are part of a Psy Op and just run around with their sirens on to scare the public for no reason at all and are probably just on their way to pick up pizza.



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