011 Reviewing Ultimate Training Munitions

Uncensored Review of Ultimate Training Munitions

Pat has been waiting over 100 days now for his twice confirmed 30-90 day window for his products to get shipped and has offered UTM his money several times to which they can’t seem to get out of their own fucking way to get paid.

  • Initially after calling several times and leaving messages to buy their product, nobody ever got back to me.
  • I had to contact them on Facebook Messenger and then waited for a response.
  • I told my sales rep almost SIX times “Please take my money” and they provided me with no payment portal.
  • I was told they would take down my credit card info and could bill me now in full or just bill me when my products ship. They did neither.
  • I was told by a NEW rep that was assigned to me that their company policy is that they don’t take down people’s credit card info. I told her someone already did and she seemed like she couldn’t care less.
  • Oh there’s more. Much more.
  • I beg you. Please, please don’t waste your time or your money on a company that can’t get out of their own fucking way.


UTM Worldwide (Here) – if you want to waste your time on their website, go for it.

Simunitions (Here) – These people do NOT have their heads up their asses. My recommendation is that you use them. 🙂

-Pat and Joe

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