013 Every Day Carry – EDC

013 Every Day Carry – EDC

Photo here.

Warning: three drunk dudes talking about our Every Day Carry and NOT by way of a standard lists of things we like. Tonight we go deeper.

“If your get home bag keeps you from getting home…you’re doing it wrong”

  • First up – what we’re drinking.
  • Your EDC is an alive beast, always changing.
  • Gear on your person.
  • Outfit and Destination.
  • Inches and Ounces.
  • Environment, Intent, Skill Set, Physical Limitations.
  • And more drunk talk.


BlueForceGear.com ‘s “Inches and Ounces” (HERE). They actually call it “Helium Whisper”.

**********I did quite a bit of searching and Google and YouTube seem to be fucking me. I can NOT find the youtube video or any articles on line for a Starbucks Shooting in France where the terrorists took hostages and the police showed up and got into a shootout with the terrorists with back and forth gunfire. If you can find this video or article please drop me a line!!!**********


-Pat, Tx Joe, and Jack

[Set Featured Image on the right. Must be Square. Also I’m a fan of the red lettering on the photo]

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