014 Every Day Carry – Vehicles

014 Every Day Carry – Vehicles

Warning: three drunk dudes talking about our Every Day Carry for vehicles and NOT by way of a standard lists of things we like. Tonight we go deeper.

  • First Up: Shiner, Rootbeer -n- Vodka, and Vikings Blood!
  • Again: Environment, Intent, Skill sets, and Physical Limitations.
  • What is a “Faux Time Job”?
  • First Responder Uber?
  • Our Favorite Items.
  • Military Maps.
  • Pat COMPLETELY forgot to talk about his ridiculous LEO patrol car list… that could be a whole show in the future.


Go Train With *Guerrilla Approach*. Very High Quality!!!

Steven Harris, a wealth of knowledge on electricity and more!!!

Words Of Wisdom!

  • Do you even have a spare in your car??? Check!
  • Headlamps are SUPER cheap and being hands free is a hell of a gift!
  • Don’t wanna carry fuel? Carry an EMPTY fuel can!
  • If your phone dies, what maps do you have left?


-Pat, TX Joe, Captain Jack.

*Below, the compressor that Joe recommends! (I will get about 6 cents if you buy this through my link, now you have been informed! hahaha)


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