022 SightMark N320RT NVG Review

022 Sightmark N320RT Digital Night Vision Monocular Review


Warning* Today we drink, we use adult language, we make adult jokes, and we review a Sightmark Night Vision Monocular and the following:

  • What is our relationship with SightMark.
  • What we’re drinking this episode!
  • Lots of live audience participation.
  • and more!

First, A Thank You!

Another big thank you to Martina and the sight mark team. I am looking forward to testing other stuff.

Listeners and friends of the show on discord, yall are wonderful and make this interesting and fun, its awesome interacting with you degenerates. 😉


The Lowdown

This is an entry level, digital, night vision monocular. It is easy to use, and in the $450-$550 price range. It is not designed or intended to be weapon mounted but could be used in conjunction with a weapon that has an infrared laser very easily,thought you would want a headgear mounting system. This monocular has wifi for streaming to a smartphone (with stream vision app, available in the google play store), capable of streaming to youtube, photo and video modes, and on board memory.

Feature packed, this little baby is a great value and a very good option for getting into the NVG game.




  • Runs on common AA batteries
  • Light weight
  • Quick power up (about 3 seconds)
  • 8 gigs of on board memory
  • You can capture video and still images
  • Remote viewing via wifi to a smartphone or tablet (2 viewers @ once)


  • Zoom feature could use one or two more intermediate steps instead just two settings.
  • No option for expandable memory, sd card feature would be a huge bonus.
  • No head gear mounting option, this would be really useful.


Proof or it didn’t happen…

Here are a few still images captured I captured with the device during testing.


As usual here’s a link to the Sightmark product page.



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