027 The Mission, The Men, and Me – Reviewed

027 The Mission, The Men, and Me – Reviewed

I hope you come to Uncensored Tactical for a reason… hopefully for tactical talk and for me being “uncensored” and not having to suck anybody’s dick for how great their product or service is… when it isn’t. Including this product.

*Warning: As usual, we drink, use adult language, talk about adult content and we discuss “The Mission, The Men, and Me” by Pete Blaber, and more: (FYI this is a LONG RANT episode)

  • What we’re drinking.
  • Pat’s #1 Author pet peeve.
  • Pat’s #2 Author pet peeve.
  • Amazon Reviews.
  • “Comic book dialogue”.
  • The flip flopping of decision making, and hypocrisy.
  • The initiated v the uninitiated.
  • This may be Part 1 of a 2 part review…
  • and more!

Short Excerpts

Leader is a subjective term at best. It’s also very easy to claim “I WAS A GREAT LEADER” but very difficult to prove sitting in your own desk chair. I have worked in units where 10 out of 10 operators have had absolutely NO faith in our “command” and they have stated publicly how happy we should be that they are such good “leaders”. Also, here are 4 rules you should not break, let me show you me breaking two of them right now (eehhh…. kind of).

Here, see, other people broke those rules and look what happened to them! Wait… nothing. Good thing I told you how important these rules are.

A gunfight talked about whilst in the “First Person”…. hmmmmm interesting… this will come into play in about 5, 4, 3, 2, …

1… From several kilometers away … inside a secure compound… listening over the radio… What?

The Commanding General had no context because he was only listening on the radio… but you were…. only listening over the radio…

Last page to this page, really my issue is phrasing… “I’m in the middle of a mission”. Would be more accurate to say “My guys are in the middle of a mission”. But now I’m just nit picking… nitpicking beCAUSE I’m not a fan of black and white hypocrisy in command situations. AND when someone in a command situation gets to write their own evidence about their own actions…


Amazon Link Above – if you want to see for yourself. (I believe TX Joe will be reading this book in its entirety starting tomorrow and we will be doing a Part 2 podcast review with me with much less ranting and a much more calm and adult conversation. I promise.)

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At Uncensored Tactical we drink, we use adult language and make adult jokes about tools, tactics, training, leadership, humor and much more. But don’t be fooled, this content is VERY serious, although presented loosely. In law enforcement and in military operations and in every day civilian security practice you may have to take a life. If we are going to talk about taking lives and risking our own lives I think it’s reasonable that we also are able to express ourselves freely and paint a picture with whatever language and style we choose.

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-Pat, Jack, TX Joe.

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