078 “Lessons from a Life in the CIA…” Tactical Book Club

078 “Lessons from a Life in the CIA…” Tactical Book Club

The book “The Art of Intelligence: Lessons from a Life in the CIA’s Clandestine Service” by Henry Crumpton reviewed in our Uncensored fashion. This book is full of value but you should be aware of what type of lens you may want to read it through…

Disclaimer: We drink, we use adult language, we make adult references and we want you to know up front. We are not grossly disrespectful but we do believe in an open environment where we can be honest and be ourselves.

  • Warning: This one is a philosophical Pat-rant.
  • Not much tactical in this one, but a lot of critical thinking.
  • What we’re drinking.
  • Book background.
  • Who this book is for. Not the Jews apparently…
  • Outline of what to expect in the book.
  • My number 1 & 2 author pet peeve – check.
  • Comparing this to our last spy book review.
  • and a ton of contradictions and more!

Excerpts and Links

Doesn’t really say MUCH about what’s inside… pet peeve #2.

Maybe I’m wrong but I remember hearing something about the CIA spying on Americans, in the US, being illegal. I guess we get awards for it now…

A Reoccurring Theme:

We need more money… Just an fyi.. *click here* to see how much Wiki says the CIA is budgeted for in only 1997; as well as what total intelligence spending is. Come on, guess. I’ll put the answer at the bottom of this page.

Again. Guess how much the CIA had budget in 1997… answer at bottom of page.

Another “reason” for a bigger budget, and for more power, annnnnnd to violate civil rights so that makes it okay…right?

Another quirky small reoccurring theme:

Multiple times in the book this religious theme of being a “Devout Christian” or a “Christian duty” pops up in places where it doesn’t really make much sense. Or military operators that are wonderful because of being “God fearing” etc. So… I guess the Jews and Muslims and Atheists in the military units and in government jobs are a little less great…?

John O’Neil: mentioned only in three small but interesting spots… happened to be one of the FBI’s MOST knowledgeable agents investigating AQ. We talk about the interesting part about this in the podcast…

***My Friend John

Politics and Media Lies??? Nooooo!:

The “President of Peace” unleashes more bombs in a few months than Bush did in his 8 years of warfare. Peace? Also ::gasping for air from laughing so hard right now:: I forgot to circle “bravely order the CIA and SEALs to …” OMFG I’m crying right now!!! 😉

Even as a teenager I was very much curious as to why the fuck we were invading Iraq. As a critically thinking adult, and after consuming 100s of hours of critical thinking documentaries about our great government, I can say that I’m STILL very fucking much curious as to why we sent kids overseas to return in fucking boxes, dead, to their families after fighting in Iraq…

Nothing New Under the Sun: 

We’ll talk about this in the podcast today. I can tell you as of 2009 this still wasn’t fixed.

Carpets of bombs or carpets of gold: 

I HAVE to put “Confessions of an economic hit man” on my reading list. Also, let’s do a thought experiment again. *Let’s say 15 German men, who were trained in the US state of Montana, detonated a bomb in England. England retaliates by a complete military occupation of every state inside the United States. Throughout the first few months of bombings and attacks by the British half of  your family and many of your friends are dead at the hands of the British. Then the British approach you and say “We’re from across the pond and we’re here to help you! Turn your guns on your neighbors or we’ll kill you!” would you be just a little fucking bewildered? 9/11 Hijackers were 15 Saudi men (the others were from the UAE, Egypt, and Lebanon), trained in Afghanistan, who attacked the US. Would you be thankful that the Brits were bombing the shit out of you and your family and driving tanks down your street?

Break for Lock Picking Stuff! 

This event happens several years ago if I remember correctly and in a shitty part of the globe so I can’t imagine it was super difficult. Maybe he should take my “Escape & Entry Course”. I have a 100% success rate for students opening padlocks and door locks all on their own. It’s … NOT that hard 🙂

Bin Laden: (For a different view, with facts, about who we were hunting, including the FBI having ZERO physical evidence that UBL was involved with 9/11…)

The … FBI’s…mistakes:

*Short video link: James Corbett on the White House Counter Terrorism Czar revealing the CIA’s failure to pass on the information in knew about two of the 9/11 hijackers living in the US.

*Another really cool Corbett link: A Brief History of CIA Drug Running.

Schaeffer Cox again:

Okay, so there’s a LOT to dissect in this one page but two quick points (More in the podcast). 1- there’s that “Christians are great” crap again, nothing against Christians I just don’t see the fucking point of putting that in there, also – I’M not the only fucking Atheist that served in the military so how exactly did he know all 16 patriots were Christians? 2- They only care about (God and) the mission, and they only want/need guidance and resources… I’ve always had a problem with this one word “Evidence” concerning US wars. It’s strange that people are willing to lay down their lives for their country but don’t need so much as a scrap of evidence about who they are going to kill… If it’s worth sending our children to fight and die and return in a fucking box, it’s worth giving us ALL the evidence about the “bad guys”. Not to mention these “Patriots” don’t have a choice after they sign their contracts. They can’t exactly quit. THIS is something that Schaeffer Cox talks about in one of his fantastic speeches and makes it plain as day. I’ll embed the YouTube clip of him talking about it that should start at the minute mark of that topic, below.

Quote “The militia is anybody with a gun and a conscience.” Explaining the problem with a conscripted army he says “[My militia is] not a command and control structure. It’s a command suggest. It’s a command information.”

The WHOLE fucking speech is EASY to listen to and is completely enlightening. Regardless though, can you imagine if the U.S. Military said to every single military member, every single time, “Here is why we want you to go, here is why we want you to do, here is why we believe this, if you believe it is moral under your own conscience then let’s go, if not you are free to leave”?

Back to again:

Again… yet ANOTHER reason the CIA needs more spying on Americans, more funding, more power… because we’re facing a new type of war? Does ANYBODY in our government remember the Revolutionary war? Where the Red Coats were fucking flabbergasted that the rebels would utilize hit and run tactics and wouldn’t stand in line and let the Red Coats take aim and fire volleys? Vietnam, that one’s a little closer to our time in history. Not wearing uniforms? Civilian camouflage, tunnel networks, primitive but effective traps… etc? Was THAT never referred to as a different type of war? It’s an easy claim to make that every single war is a new and scary war. But it’s not true.

We’ll talk about these in the show. Too much to type:

Last one – Philip Zelikow:

Zelikow is mentioned a few times in this book. At this point you probably won’t be surprised that the information in this video is not talked about in the book…

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*Answer to the CIA and the Total Intelligence Spending Budget for the year 1997: CIA – approximately 26.6 Billion; Total Intelligence Spending – approximately 52.6 Billion.

**Inflation adjusted is approximately 40B and 100B dollars today.

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