080 Question Everything – Walking Your Path to Mental Independence

080 Question Everything – Walking Your Path to Mental Independence

Many great thinkers have often paired together the two parts of “The warrior and the scholar” into one whole. While employing smart tactics will keep you alive, knowing how your world works around you and knowing when to take action and against who will keep you free.

Disclaimer: We drink, we use adult language, we make adult references and we want you to know up front. We are not grossly disrespectful but we do believe in an open environment where we can be honest and be ourselves, because that is the best way for us to bring you value.

  • What we’re drinking.
  • Critical Thinking in History.
  • What does medicine have to do with Liberty?
  • Let’s talk about schools.
  • Class based society?
  • 9/11 face value.
  • 9/11 mental experiment.
  • Self Ownership, Defined.
  • THE Questions.
  • And more.


Above: Corbett gives us a short and very enjoyable (and sarcastic, which I love) account of the government and the media’s official story of 9-11.

Above: This one is short, 12:35. It’s like drinking cough syrup, it’s a little uncomfortable but once you let it sink in for a while you start to realize the value it has.

Above: Speaking of medicine.. former literal snake oil salesmen are pushing products on us today… Is it possible that the “white coats” have been programmed just like you and I, just like police, just like everybody else, to believe that they’re helping when they’re really not?

Above: Vin, a friend of the podcast (previously interviewed by us on LibertyMastermindPodcast) puts the topic of Self Ownership and Individual Freedom more eloquently than any other person that I’ve ever heard try to explain it.

Above: The HISTORY of OBL and the US Government… annnnd, if you don’t speak any foreign languages how easy is it to just rely on your government to translate what the “bad guys” say? Let’s find out at minute 11:25.

Above: How many times have we killed OBL @ minute 13:20?

And some article links below.

*Link* The Surprisingly Solid Mathematical Case of the Tin Foil Hat Gun Prepper.

*Link* Drivers Arrested While Stone Cold Sober.


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At Uncensored Tactical we drink, we use adult language and make adult jokes about tools, tactics, training, leadership, humor and much more. But don’t be fooled, this content is VERY serious, although presented loosely. In law enforcement and in military operations and in every day civilian security practice you may have to take a life. If we are going to talk about taking lives and risking our own lives I think it’s reasonable that we also are able to express ourselves freely and paint a picture with whatever language and style we choose.

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Bring your humor, use smart tactics, and stay legal.

-Pat, Jack, Ox, TX Joe.



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