086 “How to Catch a Russian Spy” Reviewed

086 “How to Catch a Russian Spy” Reviewed

Today the Tactical Book Club reviews the book “How to Catch a Russian Spy” by Naveed Jamali. We drink, we use adult language, and we do so in our attempt to not limit ourselves to giving boring PC reviews. Enjoy!

  • What we’re drinking.
  • SHORT overview.
  • A surprising lack of …
  • Likes and Dislikes.
  • A great example of my thoughts on “Titles”.
  • Lie Detector: EarnYourBadge.com
  • IKCircle Patreon Link!
  • Next Book: The New Spymasters by Stephen Grey.
  • Lots of ranting at the end!


Front Cover.


Back Cover. Pet Peeve: Tells people what they think of the book, not what is in it. I want to know about the CONTENT!


Inside flap. Already we find a gem of information! “No… it’s NOT incredible. It may be incredible that he accomplished something difficult, but it’s NOT incredible that he did so without a prior “title”. Titles, certificates, qualifications, etc. … DON’T… MEAN… SHIT! 🙂


Back inside flap.


An example of one of the many continuing themes of humor throughout the book. Much enjoyed.


Do they though? Do they?… Listen to the podcast and hear Pat enlighten the general public on the REAL Naval Officers that he has met and worked with.


More humor. This whole book was light hearted and easy to read. Almost… “uncensored” in style 🙂


That’s one hell of an acronym in the margin there. Very important for Social Engineering.


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At Uncensored Tactical we drink, we use adult language and make adult jokes about tools, tactics, training, leadership, humor and much more. But don’t be fooled, this content is VERY serious, although presented loosely. In law enforcement and in military operations and in every day civilian security practice you may have to take a life. If we are going to talk about taking lives and risking our own lives I think it’s reasonable that we also are able to express ourselves freely and paint a picture with whatever language and style we choose.

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Bring your humor, use smart tactics, and stay legal.

-Pat, Jack.

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