087 Tactical Lock Picking for Beginners

Tactical Podcast for Lock Picking

“Any advice for Lock Picking for Beginners?” is a question I have gotten a lot lately. Today we tackle that, and we drink, and we use adult language. Enjoy!

  • What we’re drinking.
  • How people (me included) use the term “Lock Picking” wrong.
  • What is “Tactical” Lock Picking?
  • What Tactical Lock Picking ISN’T.
  • What are the first few steps for a brand new beginner?
  • IMPORTANT tips for buying lock picking tools.
  • Great resources for learning the skill set.
  • Some lock picking homework drills.
  • Some talk about restraint escapes.
  • annnnnnd more.


Some basic beginner terminology/nomenclature for the most common type of lock “Pin Tumbler”

Some websites we talk about in today’s episode:

Toool.us (Tons of informational resources.)

Toool.us/laws (Laws.)

SparrowsLockPicks.com (Beautiful tools.)

LockPickTools.com (Great tools from great people.)

HardCaseSurvival.com (Great tools from great people.)

T.E.E.S. (Breaching training. Awesome!)

EdsManifesto.com (Highly recommended training.)

Anything on YouTube with “Deviant Ollam” (pronounced “Ollaf”)
Anything from Bosnian Bill on YouTube.
Anything by LockPickingLawyer.

Defending Open Source Lock Picking.

Contact Us for Training.


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Bring your humor, use smart tactic.


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