094 Interview Raeford Davis on Drug Legalization and L.E.

SO happy to have Raeford Davis on again for another FANTASTIC interview about his law enforcement career, becoming a voluntarist, non-aggression, ending prohibition, and more!

  • Raeford’s background.
  • If it’s okay for you to do, is it okay for me?
  • OMG, “Moral vs Legal” this is SO important!
  • Raeford on his first drug arrest paperwork fail!
  • Neither Pat, Jack, or Raeford are anti-cop. OR “blindly pro-cop”.
  • @RaefordD on Twitter.
  • https://lawenforcementactionpartnership.org (LEAP)


Below: our first interview with Raeford. This was when Pat was still in Law Enforcement so judge lightly lol.

Below: A video about Liberty, and a wonderful implementation of a “common law court” where the VICTIM benefits, instead of everybody BUT the victim.

Below: Raeford’s interview on Vin Armani’s show.

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