1$ Security Chain Bypass Tool?

1$ Security Chain Bypass Tool?

This technique is years and years old. But it’s worth including in my content because there’s a lot to talk about here 🙂

I cater a lot of my info to Law Enforcement and Military operators so here’s the rub about security chains for everyone, including civilians. First up, the common response when I teach bypasses like this one. “I’d just kick the fucking door in”…

Video Notes

It’s important for you to see multiple failures in the field before a successful entry. I make all sorts of entries in all sorts of weird environments and it does not always go as planned. TLP is the difference between picking open a padlock on your couch and being cold and wet and dark and blindly reaching through a door jam or a fence to pick a lock that is bolted in place and hanging upside down. Know when to pick something open and know when to kick something open. Be safe, be smart, be legal. This one is a self explanatory teaching video. There’s not much to it! 🙂


I’d just kick the fucking door in” …. facepalm…

A- Be fucking polite to the god damn taxpayer. It’s not YOUR money, you asshole. Sometimes, whether guilty or innocent, while it IS fun to kick shit open it’s also fucking fucking immoral to destroy someone’s property just so you can get your rocks off. My rebuttal is that if there is any semblance of danger or if time is a big factor than even though I think Tactical Lock Picking is cool, the “Tactical” part of what I teach is that WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT yes, you should kick the fucking door open. This is a bypass. There is a time and place for a bypass and a time and place for kicking doors open.

B- Yes. We ALL know you can use your boot. COVERT entry is interesting becauseeeeeee with a boot everyone will know you were there, you idiot. It is nice to have this tool in the bag if you are only performing an administrative function like say you are on vacation and your wife is sleeping in her hotel bed passed the fuck out and maybe you are feeling loving and while she went to the room while you were still at the bar drinking you can still have a room key but can’t or don’t want to wake her up to stagger over to the door to undo the security chain that her drunk ass chained up for her protection.

Or it’s some elderly lady who you are performing a welfare-health-check on because her family lives out of state and they haven’t heard from her in a while. Do you REALLY want to scare the crap out of her by kicking the door open? Up to you I guess.

Or maybe it’s a warrant for you to plant a listening device, which we all think is super cool. This could end the operation if you didn’t plan for it… A BYPASS over a DESTRUCTION is important because it’s not loud and scary and because if done correctly nobody will know that you’ve made entry.

Similar Bypasses

I carry many “tools” in my entry kit that are non-standard, meaning that they are not actual lock-pick or entry tools but they function really fucking well as entry tools. Coat hangars, rubber bands, duct tape, etc.

Very common on cookie cutter houses and apartments. Also still common in hotels/motels but they are being phased out.

Becoming more common in hotels to keep guests from propping their doors open. This can be bypassed with a fucking shoelace. As seen in the videos below.

It’s good to know this bypass and similar ones because if you come across something that is “similar but different” like sayyyyy this (below) then you can have some starting point ideas that you can work with and modify to gain entry.

Other Examples

Like I said, this is an old trick. Here are a few versions from YouTube that can give you some ideas to get that brain thinking differently.

“Those that build walls think differently than those who plan to go over, under, around and through them” – Chris Hadnagy (Social Engineering)*

This could literally save yours or someone else’s life some day, or it could land you in jail if you are an idiot. Be safe, be smart, be legal. And for fuck’s sake please keep thinking outside of the box and question everything.


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