10 Knots for Rappelling

10 Knots for Rappelling

Can you see how happy I am that I got to scratch my OCD itch in this photo? 🙂

Uncensored gets Knotty tonight. Beers, Shots, Knots and 10 Rappelling School test knots straight from the curriculum from a Law Enforcement Rappelling Course I attended. Hang in there, here we go!


This is for entertainment and informational use ONLY! Do not rely on any of this information to hang your fucking life on the line, literally and figuratively. This is just a video of my knocking some rust off and tying a few knots on video!

The Test

During the Law Enforcement “Rappel Master” certification course I attend we were required to pass a very strict Pass/Fail test to tie 10 listed knots in 30 seconds each at the end of our course in order to receive our certification. Check out our video above for me and a few buddies drinking and knot tying.

Also this video is going to be an in-conjunction-with video that will make more sense when me and TX Joe record our next podcast about my whole experience attending this week long Rappel Master Course, so stay tuned later this week!

These guys were VERY professional and VERY informed. If you have the chance let me save you the hesitation; ATTEND.


Ok, so the last knot is actually TWO knots, but each tied in 30 seconds a piece, so it’s kinda sorta 11 knots-ish? Good enough for government work!

The Rest

We will talk about in the podcast soon including things like my very informed instructors (no joke), the severity of how dangerous this is, the LACK of professionalism from some high ranking military officers, the difference between some agencies, the importance of adding this skill to your toolbox AND MORE!

Ask us why we did this training… please! 🙂

LOVE doing this!

Looked intimidating at first but not too difficult! 🙂

This one actually comes in handy quite a bit.

Stay safe, learn new shit, and don’t forget to question everything.


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