My 3 Favorite Lock Pick Tools

3 Favorite Lock Pick Tools


I carry a few thousand bucks worth of lock pick and entry tools for my EDC including the bigger tools that I keep in my trunk. Here is a short write up of the 3 that I think are just the freaking coolest.

You may notice that I use the term “Lock Pick Tools” to mean more than just tools that go inside the key way to decode the pins

1. Under Door Tool

With 12″ ruler above for scale.

Remember the difference between an alive handle and a dead handle with regards to unlocking!

You can get this at (link) (occasionally unavailable) or you can make your own out of coat hangars and a shoe lace, or using a Gold Finger Tool and some 550 cord etc (Check our Part 2 video below for DIY instructions).

2. Gold Finger Tool (and air bag)

DO often utilize my auto jigglers and my auto tension wrench and wafer rakes, but I have a MUCH greater percentage of successful openings (100% so far) with using an air bag and a reach tool. I know I know… It’s kinda two tools. Blow me. A lock pick and a tension wrench are considered two tools but that’s not the point.

Also, I like to use TWO air bags in the door frame and I usually put my reach tool between them (that… sounded much better than I though it would hahaha).

I keep my Gold Finger – Reach Tool and some other longer items in a sleeve in my trunk.

Gold Finger Reach Tool

You can see my Gold Finger gets some use!

Storage Shape

It is a little trick at first getting the right bend from a “U” shape into the correct “Bow” angle, but you’ll only hit yourself in the nuts once…or twice before you figure it out 😉

That TWO BAG method we mentioned above 😉

And the money shot! You’ll see that they call it the Gold “Finger” Tool because the bends at the end (the yellow section) can push, pull, rotate, etc really well like a finger.

3. Bypass Shim

You can get these at or at . They are the same thing from either company but cheaper from . But I like Sparrows so much that any time I make an order from them of other items I go ahead and buy from them.

If you’ve never used these they are like doing the old “Credit Card in the Door Jam” trick, but they are larger so they have more reach and more to grab on to, and they are slightly thinner than a credit card so they fit into tighter spaces than a credit card would.

2 thicknesses come in each pack. A GO-TO for my entry options. High on my list.

[Video coming soon]


You’ll see that all three of these tools are actually “Bypass” type tools, not actual tools to pick a lock per se’. Picking an actual lock looks super cool but it is hardly ever my go-to technique in the field. If you search the site you will find little excerpts here and there about “Target Assessment” which includes what type of barrier you are up against and what type of attack is likely the quickest and most effective technique for entry. I can help guide you there but you’ll have to figure out the path for yourself.

A short lesson in Target Assessment: How much of a hurry are you in, and should you be attacking the keyway or going around it altogether; are your fist two steps.

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Stay safe, stay legal, use that big sexy brain.



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