About us

We are a small group of both active and former military and law enforcement operators. We all have a lot off passion for operations and have seen many shortcomings in leadership, training, and other areas for concern. We hope to fill the knowledge gap and to help give you, the operator or the prepared Citizen, some tools, training and ideas to go out and kick ass.

Why “Unsencored”?

If you want to take a look in depth check out Mrs. Silence Dogood on Wikipedia. In general the pen-name or pseudonym allowed Benjamin Franklin some flexibility in speaking out in matters that sometimes upset the Puritan establishment. Wellllllllllll….. a lot of the shit I say on here, as well as my compatriots, is REALLLLLY going to piss off the establishment of both the Military agencies and Law Enforcement agencies that most of us still work for. We’re not super secret spies, we’re just regular old gun-toting administrators, but by not giving too many details about ourselves it allows US some flexibilities to speak out against especially our leadership. Some of these things are kind of “career-killers” to send up the chain. But as some nobody on the internet our ideas may seem a little more palatable to some of the leadership in this country. And let’s be clear here: No matter WHAT RANK you are in your organization, you absolutely can and should be a leader.

“Because being honest in a government job can sometimes be a career killer!” 😉