Auto Jigglers Review – Generic and Sparrows Coffin Keys

One of the easiest tools to carry in your EDC to expand your Tactical Lock Picking skill set! Auto Jigglers. These little guys are the COOLEST freaking thing, SUPER simple to operate, very inexpensive and add almost NO WEIGHT to your bug out kits or entry kits or wherever the hell you store them. We’re going to give you a QUICK into to jiggling and a quick product review x2.

Step One: Target Assessment

High end cars with keys like this are a no-go:

Modern Car Key and Remote Isolated on a White Background.

You want a car with a standard key like this:

Standard Car Key

Wont work with those expensive ass BMW keys. This takes some time and some trial and error to figure out which cars your jigglers will work on. (When in doubt, the older and shittier the car, the better).

Step Two: Fully insert Jiggler of choice.

Auto Jiggler

Step Three: While keeping tension in direction of proper key turn (takes time to learn, or just say “screw it” and try both ways) move the jiggler up and down (like a see-saw) and in and out ( like …. nevermind).


You want to make the staggered stacks all look flush so the cylinder can spin:


Flush pins. Able to spin.

Flush pins. Able to spin.

***Tips (and just the tips):

The hardest thing (cough cough…) is the tension. Knowing how much pressure to turn the jiggler with. It takes time to learn. Auto trainers pictured above are very hard to find, if you can find some buy them immediately. Also the key turn direction. I have found that MOST cars, if you are standing at the driver side door, the opening direction for a key turn is counter-clockwise. Not all, but most. So basically I always turn left… like Derek Zoolander. 😉  The passenger side I have found that it can go either way….

The Reviews!



-Comes with 13 separate key cuts. Options are a nice thing to have. I also REALLY like that they have small cut keys, I have successfully used them on tiny padlocks and file cabinets etc. It opens up space in the key way where you don’t have to insert both a tension wrench AND a pick tool for standard picking. They run about $35. WORTH IT! They do have a smaller handle-area than the generics but it’s not a deal breaker for me. The chain they come on looks really cool but I have had all my jigglers fall to the dirt more than once since the dog-tag chain does not always stay secure. Best bet is to switch them to a standard key ring. is a BAD-ASS site! I have been a very long time customer and when I am not between working midnight shift and prepping for deployments I will get off my ass and send them some of my prototypes for them to distribute. They are on the edge of the market, always with HIGH QUALITY tools and new innovative products. Their “coffin keys” pictured above can be found here: Sparrows Coffin Keys.

Generic Auto Jigglers:


Comes with 10 key cuts. I keep the most effective (for me anyways) two cuts on my personal key ring.


These guys run about $15-ish. They are sturdy. Don’t have too much bend or give. I’ve never had one break on me. They are cheap enough that I don’t feel bad ordering another pair if I misplace my go-to set. They do have a nice fat finger pad to hold on to, but I’ve found that the Sparrow’s set is a little smoother in and out of the lock and has some better shaped cuts. So it’s a give and take. When in doubt, go buy a set and get started. There’s NO EXCUSE not to. The generic set pictured above can be found here: Auto Jiggler Door Lock Opener

Just to be clear, breaking into someone’s vehicle, without explicit permission is a felony. Not cool. I can proudly say that since day one in my lock picking-life time I have lived by the rule:

“Only pick those locks that you either own and/or have been given explicit permission to pick”.

The best way to avoid the temptation, I have found, is to stay VERY FAR away from the grey area. If EVER in doubt, just go the other way. It ain’t worth ending your ass up in jail.

Stay safe. Stay prepared. Have fun. Be smart. BE LEGAL!!!