Big Updates!

Big Update!

Been away for a loooong time. Happy to be home and almost settled in again. was an idea in waiting for several years and was born overseas during my last long overseas deployment. The article production has been slow lately but for good reason. I’ve been QUITE busy behind the scenes… with BIG things coming (that’s what she said).

Just a few short weeks ago I returned home from the longest and most stressful, just plain fucking worst deployment I’ve ever been on in my 10+ years of Military service and dozens of overseas deployments. One of the favorite quotes while we were there was “Hashtag: HomelessVet”. Due to the unexpected deployment and the long term of it (whole year) many of us had no clue where we would be living when we got home. I recently, two days ago, found a place that I can call home, that comes with a KICK ASS ROOM that I can call Uncensored’s new OFFICE!!! So this will be huge at getting back into the groove.

Urban Survival Course

Another development is the Urban Survival Course that I offer. I have been teaching my Urban Survival course for several years now as part of a “collateral duty”, just part of me doing my job and sharing with other operators the skill sets that I have. But on my last deployment was the first time I have monitized the course and taught to an open enrollment audience. I taught about 12 students, all of them were part of my military unit (although my training was all done on our off time, and was not sponsored by or paid for by our military unit, and had no official tie to our work). As a reserve unit that was deployed it’s easy to say that they were all military members, but on the outside many of them were police officers and a few were what we refer to as “civilians”.

I freaking HATE that term and have grown over the years to understand that MANY of the skill sets that I possess are worthy of teaching to people that are not in law enforcement or the military. Teaching this class was a big chance for me to simultaneously teach police and military curriculum while also teaching to the civilian students in my class. The course could go by many names (Urban Survival, Urban S.E.R.E., Officer Awareness/Survival, Home Security Course etc.) but whether you are a professional gunfighter or not this course will still help you survive in an urban setting. (Photo above)

Ride Along

I blog under a pen name so that I can say whatever the fuck I want without repercussion from my military or LEO job. My friend enjoys his anonymity as well and while it’s not official (yet) he helps me with some of the content for the site and being active at his job will appreciate not being a public figure 😉

A good friend of my that I used to deploy with (one of my first Urban Survival Students) left the military and now works with a local Law Enforcement Agency and LOVES it. He offered to take me on a ride along so I headed out of state and met up with him for a night shift ride. For the “Prepper Community” there is a split that I have found which is “We support Law Enforcement/ and we hate Law Enforcement”. This is not the BEST way to put it but I think you’d agree that the feelings are split across a spectrum. Now, to help you prepare yourself for survival either in good times or in bad, I think there are a TON of reasons for a Prepper to do a ride along with AT LEAST their local agency and I also say to do it at least twice (one reason is that some officers are crochety and you should definitely get two different oppinions about your city and it’s enforcement and operations). An article of a write up for “Ride Alongs for Preppers” is in the chute and will be published shortly, and I promise you it is not a fluff piece, it is not a blindly “Pro LE” piece. I don’t do that here. It is an explanation of how to use the Ride Along program to help YOU the citizen. Check back with us soon.

In the short time that I’ve been back in the US I’ve had enough luck, schedule wise, to make my way out to a modern survival workshop put on by Jack over at We covered a WIDE range of topics including but not limited to: Roasting your own coffee beans at home (Thanks to Nicole Sauce), Wood working and Iron Working, a walk around Jack’s permaculture rich property, automating your homestead, working on your AR rifle, sharing some home made brew, some cooking techniques and a ton of other survival and preparedness topics! THIS is the one that that I was able to schedule before my deployment ended that really was kind of the Hallmark of me feeling like I was back at home. I’m SO thankful for that community. And for more…

…I just finished a long interview Episode-1987 Urban Survival with Pat Watson with that same Jack, from on his daily podcast “Helping you to live a better life; if times get tough or even if they don’t”. The topic for my interview today was the Urban Survival course that I taught recently in Guantanao Bay on my recent deployment and also the website and some Law Enforcement issues. My callsign for most of my articles and my writing is “The Oracle” and also “Pat Wilson” when I write and publish. Don’t worry, it will simplify itself over time, so when you hear “Hey Pat, how’s it going” that’s me. hahha. Sorry, stick with me.


Tools of the trade

I also was very lucky to attend a weeks worth of training at a company called Tactical Energetic Entry Systems (T.E.E.S.). I attended a course titled “Mechanical and Ballistic Breaching Instructor Course”. I am NOT in the business of ass kissing, which is another reason I write under a pen-name, but the people and the facilities over at T.E.E.S. are absolutely top notch. I had a military friend on one of my deployments that attended T.E.E.S. a few years ago and ranted and raved over them. I was finally lucky enough to have an opportunity to see what it’s all about. I already have my eyes on their calender and am waiting for another course to open up so I can return. Why did I enjoy it so much? Well if “top notch” didn’t cover it: Not only do they have a HUGE wealth of experience and knowledge about their craft (up to and including explosive breaching) but they are able to take that knowledge and ensure that their students are able to receive and understand the course content. Very open and approachable and very professional. For LEO’s and Military I think you will be missing out big time if you never add this skill set to your bag of tricks, and if you are going to get some training, these are the guys to go to. They were not big on students using photos and videos for social media so I will hapilly direct you to their website and their instagram page @tees_usa .

I have recently teamed up with my absolute best friend from the service and we have started our own training company. We are still trying to shape our but there is a back story that is tough to explain in one sentence lol… I run this website (U-Tac) and I am “The Oracle”, as my callsign from overseas operations. I have an old website ( that I have started and kind of left alone for a while due to my last deployment. My friend recently connected me with a pretty successful ammunition company and the ammo company wants to stand up a Training Division. They hired my friend and myself to stand up their training branch. Instead of utilizing the umbrella of the ammo company myself and my partner will be utilizing my OLD website ( as our Training Company’s website… yes, even though Oracle is my call sign. We will be re-shaping our old website and are still trying to fine tune how to organize it. We intend on utilizing the ammo company to fit their needs which is to train LEO’s and Government personnel on how to utilizie the company’s big product, high qualitiy frangible ammo, in the most effecient and effective way. Lots of coals in the fire lately. Big things happening and fast.

On my deployment I discovered a thing called “Instagram” you may have heard of it! lol. Well, one of my idols on there is @TruExodus. He is widely known for his speed from the holster with an appendix carry holster, I have seen him rock the TrexArms Sidecar holster quite a bit so I bought my own. You might think that for a year long military deployment I would be hot-shit on the trigger, but the opposite is true. I did basically ZERO shooting and got VERY RUSTY with my shooting and Martial Artls. (Lock picking on the other hand is smooth and up and running, due to teaching and continual training).

I have contacted a local near me, for me to get back into the swing of things with my Martial Arts training in the art of Kali, and more specifically Pekiti Tirsia Kali (Youtube it). My first lesson back to knock off the rust will be tomorrow morning. I’ve used Kali techniques at work several times to great effect, but it for sure is a perishable skill. Sometimes my mind knows “I should be moving ‘THIS’ fast” but my body says “Dude… it’s been a while, we can’t go that fast, it hurts”!!! hahaha. (Yeah, I guess that’s what she said) I’m sure I’ll start getting my ass kicked again tomorrow, which is a good thing.

And the last nail in the coffin here, as far as updates, is that I’ve got a few months off until I’ll have to return to my Law Enforcement agency for my full time employment again, thanks to federal job protection for military deployments. I’m looking forward to it but I want to grow my business as fast as I can until then and I also want to be in tip top fucking shape both mentally and physically when I hit the streets again.

Thanks for stopping by! The content is going to get back to a normal production rate starting this week!

-Pat (aka about a hundred other nicknames)


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