Book Review How To Disappear

A review of the book “How to Disappear” by Frank Ahearn.

This website is called “Uncensored” for a reason. I’m sick of the PC bullshit, and because I am a little vague about what I do for a living, I am able to work two separate government jobs and talk shit about my command and say whatever the fuck I want with little fear of reprisal. Hence, I can say whatever the fuck I feel like and be COMPLETELY honest. Here is an honest Uncensored review.

In one sentence: Don’t buy this freaking book.
If you want to know why, read on or see our first YouTube video in our Tactical Book Club series ­čÖé

  1. This author, I have no doubt, is good at his trade; helping people digitally disappear.┬áBut┬áright up front his stories are WAY over the top and he seems completely full of himself. An opinion that you will find if you check his Amazon reviews as well (don’t buy his book, but there is a link below).
  2. He is LARGELY hypocritical throughout the entire book.
  3. The information is very dated. Which I can’t really hold against him as an author but I can hold against the actual book. It may have helped a lot more ten years ago but today you won’t be getting your money’s worth. It’s like buying a book about how to log on to the internet written in 1999, probably correct but not useful anymore.
  4. In conclusion, you can gain just as much information reading articles online and then deleting your history or learning how to browse anonymously. Don NOT waste your money on this book.

I doubt you’ll see┬áanother review about this book given quite this way. Honest and uncensored.

Non politically-correctly yours,