Book Review “Social Engineering”

Up front: Book Review of Social Engineering

Some things I took from this book: Especially for Lock Picking and Entry training, I took two short lessons that I’ll never forget “Those who build walls think differently than those who seek to go over, under, around, or through them” and [It’s often easier to hack people]. You will immediately be SHOCKED at how easy, over and over, information or actions are acquired! Tbh, I chuckled quite a bit. Nothing makes me happier than exposing the illusion of security. 🙂

I have owned this book for a few years now but recently re-read it to get you guys a solid update of what this book has to offer. A quick six point reference that we talk a little bit about in our YouTube video.


  1. This book has High Quality, dense information on every page. It is honestly a little exhausting reading it straight through. Took me a couple days. BUT that is a good thing. If I want to read about a technical subject than I’d rather have a ton of information rather than too much fluffing going on.
  2. Tons of Case Studies. I learn so much more fully (that’s a word, I swear) when I can see real world examples of why techniques work. Almost every chapter and subchapter has it’s own case study and some of them are referred back to throughout the book to help paint a really good picture.
  3. I refer to this book as a “Reference Book” with stories mixed in. But unlike most reference books I read, when I hop around from interesting chapter to interesting chapter, this book you’ve got to read in order. Since many principles are expanded upon in later chapters and many case studies are first laid out and later quickly referenced than you’re gonna be lost if you jump around.
  4. Lots of references and active links! Advice: don’t buy the paper, but the e-book. 2 reasons actually (the video only says one) 1- it’s very easy to click on a link in the e-book and go straight to the article or webpage it directs you to for more active study. 2- the little search button on the top of the page is a HUGE help when you juuuust can’t fucking remember where in the book you read that one phrase a while ago.
  5. This book basically flows like a workbook, study guide, or a how to become a PenTester book. It starts off with big ideas, then narrows down into very specific topics in depth and also gives quite a bit of homework and drills you can do to increase your Social Engineer (SE) skill set. It is largely tied in to field of Penetration Testing or PenTesting. If you are interested in becoming a RedTeamer or a Pen Tester than you’d be hurting yourself by not buying this book.
  6. For MORE active reading and training there is an associated podcast to go with this book, listed in the links in the book “The Social-Engineering Podcast” …very easy to find! hahah!


I did recommend this book to my current ***Urban Survival class.

Excerpt: Passwords

An excerpt recently used to help prep my current military students for my Urban Survival (Escape Room) Field Exercise.


If you want to pick up chicks, if you are in law enforcement, if you want to negotiate better, if you want to get a job as a PenTester, or if you just plain want to work on your fucking people skills, you will not be disappointed if you pick up this book. 100% positive recommendation.