Book Review – War Is A Racket

War is a Racket by Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler

War Is A Racket

Just as important as being a bad ass and kicking down doors, is knowing why you are doing it and knowing that you are just and righteous. Tactical Book Club, yup that’s right. This one isn’t about cool SWAT guys or catching burglars or lock picking or Navy Seals, BUT if you are in the military or are thinking about joining the military or if you just love how full of BS the government in America is than this book has GOT to be required reading.

Here’s some cool shit about this book:

  • “Bonus Army” – If you’ve seen this picture of Tiennaman Square (below):

tiananmen square

…But not this picture (below) (or similar pictures) of the Bonus Army, don’t be surprised that the Government School system doesn’t show you how shitty the Government treated its own Citizens. “Oh my God, this is the first time the US has used tanks against it’s own Citizens” well after reading this short book you can tell your friends how wrong they are in that statement 😉

  • The Profits of war – If you were a detective and were looking for what the police-ey type call an “M.O.” than this lays that shit out as plain as day. One example, during the pre WW1 years Du Pont made an average of 6 million$ a year. During WW1 Du Pont averaged 58 million$ a year. Hmm. If ever there were someone that would have an influence on our federal government (cough cough big business) and our federal government were considering declaring war… what would the motivating factor be, for remaining peaceful…?
  • Butler also talks about a recipe for how to prevent the greed of industry and government from getting into unnesecarry wars including how to take the profit out of the war ( however unlikely$$$)
  • A BIG step in credibility for this guy, with me anyways, is where he says that even the generals and admirals should get the same pay as the grunts in the trenches… WHAAAAT! Is this guy fucking new here? We don’t talk like that around here! Bahahahaha! (please note my sarcasm)

All in all, this WHOLE book is one big fucking “Mind…Blown”. And while written ohhhhh close to a fucking hundred years ago (1930’s) it is almost like reading the news headlines from today. Go fucking figure.

If you are even considering it a all, make it a check in the “YES” column. It’s worth it. And if’s a short read.

“I don’t always recommend books. But when I do…They’re fucking bad ass!” – Me

Kick ass, stay safe, stay legal, be more than a dumb door kicker, be a warrior and a scholar.