Brand New Tactical and Liberty Podcast!

Tactical and Liberty Podcast!


Over at you’ll find a brand new podcast where three hosts that come from both the survival and Liberty community and from service professions to talk about all sorts of shit that I think you’ll find pretty cool. Ox- our host who is a Medical PA (PA), Jack- EMT/Paramedic/Rescue operator specializing in rural search and rescue, and me Pat- all the shit you see here on UncensoredTactical.

We use adult words and often talk about adult topics while drinking and discussing all sorts of issues from medical to tactical to one of my favs insider information from behind the scenes in our given professions, and we try our best to tie all of it to some form of individual Freedom and Liberty.

Lots of critical thinking and lots of challenging the status quo. So hello world, suck it.

You can find us at our website and subscribe there and you can also follow us on almost all of your common podcast apps including apple’s Podcast app, and on YouTube as well! Below is our first few episodes. Warning: the audio quality is getting much better as we develop and get our groove going. Don’t judge us too hard on the production quality just yet; because our goal right off the bat is to give you a TON of actionable value for free starting right on the first episode!

Please check us out and if you find some value in it please share with a friend and follow us! 🙂


Episode 6 – Mike Roberts, Corpsman, PA Student and Mixed Martial Artist

Episode 5 – Pat Leo (me) on the 8 Fundamental Lies of Shooting

Episode 2 – My Interview and Recap of the Tactical Lock Picking course I taught to the other two hosts of LMP in South Carolina

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