Brotherhood of Warriors Reviewed

Brotherhood of Warriors – by Aaron Cohen

In my ten+ years of military and law enforcement one of the biggest tools I have earned and put into my toolbox is “perspective”. I kept the review short-ish today because the book has a very clear focus and a lot of the story hammers home the same and similar points over and over again.

Most Interesting Point:

The training is fucking rough. No, not “fucking rough” as in a verb, but “fucking” as in an adjective like reeeeeally rough. I’m not a SEAL, and I don’t play one on TV, but I have heard from some people in that community and I’ve done a ton of couch-research and I know damn well that their training is tough as a motherfucker. But these Israeli special forces guys sound like their training is just plain physical and mentalĀ abuse, and not figuratively, but actual abuse. The “schoolbus drills” is one of the coolest things I remember from the whole book (there’s actually quite a bit of awesome here”. Aaron explains that it is like Kink of the Hill but minus any of the fun. The fight tooth and nail every time they set foot on the bus. Talk about stress inoculation?


Just about everything. The author avoids several of my author pet peeves. The cover matches the content, boom. HeĀ does do the whole “my mom and dad, my high school, my pee wee football team, blah blah” but it’s short lived and actually does play in to the content of the book later on, so I give him a pass as a reader. It does not get repetitive, which is nice. When he does some back fill and talks about the history of Israel and it’s stories from the past they are actually pretty fucking bad ass stories that I feel like I should tell my friends, so there’s very little boring history but instead bad ass stories from the past.


Not much. Like I said, there’s a little “all about my life as a teenager” but it’s short lived and I breezed through it. There ARE lots of foreign names and places but they’re not too integral to the plot of the story so it’s nice that I don’t have to memorize them for things to make sense.


Read it, and see how other people do things. They get shit done, they don’t worry about people’s feelings, and according to this book they do shit for a reason, not just cover-your-ass training so that your command can say that you shouldn’t rape people because you attended a PowerPoint training session that says so; included are several stories that the Leadership in Israel completely changed their training for missions to fit the need of the mission. What are they, geniuses? Makes me want to go get dual citizenship.

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