Car Door Entry – Similar Key Principle

Need an option when you’re locked out of your car but don’t have access to your lock picking tools? There’s a principle I teach that helps to exploit that very situation. If you know how to use an auto jiggler (or even if you don’t) you’ll like this option for a mock key.

Same and Similar Locks, Keys, Codes. Pattern Recognition is key.

I refer to it three different ways but really they’re all tied in very closely together.

  • Same Lock Principle
  • Same Key Principle
  • Same Code Principle

If you’re not familiar with “Auto Jiggling” than check out our other article HERE for a quick visual example of jiggling and a product review, or HERE for a little more basic info along with two more product reviews. Put a mock-key into a key way and jiggle it around. (basically)

For today’s how to I will show you an example using the two keys and the two vehicles pictured above using a “Similar Key Jiggle”. There are several different ways to access a locked vehicle but this is one way that you don’t have to have a lock pick tool to do so. If you are familiar with jiggling than you use can find a key that fits either a similar make/model, or sometimes just a similar make vehicle and use it as a jiggler.


How To

  1. When trying to access a vehicle lock, the older the vehicle the better.
  2. Know which way the key should turn inside the lock (same lock principle aka being familiar with different types of locks)
  3. Either start with the similar key all the way in or start with just the tip… then
  4. Apply tension in the correct direction.
  5. Jiggle up and down, while keeping light tension. (Omg, so many that’s what she said’s)

If I have an option I usually go to my air bag and reach tool and go through the frame of the vehicle. I have not encountered a vehicle yet where I haven’t been able to access it with those tools. I also keep a pair of my favorite jigglers on my keychain for my Every Day Carry. THOSE are great to have, but even if you don’t have those than in a pinch you can use this technique AND I have even used this technique over the phone in a crash course to teach one of my fellow officers who locked himself and his team out of their van during tactics training out in the fucking boonies. For the prepared civilian this is an AWESOME skill set to add to your mental tool kit especially because it’s free to learn and train. Here’s me and my buddy over the phone.

Friend: “Hey buddy, are you busy?”

Me: “What happened, did you lock yourself out of something?”

Friend: “Wh- … why? I mean, yeah, I did, but-”

Me: “Nevermind, give me the whole story”

Friend: “I locked the team out of the van and it’s time to go home for the day, and we’re tired and sweaty and it’s fucking hot out”

Me: “What kind of van”

Friend “Chevy um- It’s a Chevy model….”

Me: “Doesn’t matter. Are there other vans nearby?”

Friend: “Yes why.”

Me: “Can you get the keys to them?”

Friend: “Yessss…”

Me: “Get a key that fits, apply tension as if you were going to open the lock lightly in the correct direction but jiggle the key around while you do it

Friend: “OOOOoookay. I’ll call you back later”

I get a text message 20 mins later that just says “Boom!”

Things to consider

Add lock picking to your survival and preparedness and tactical skill sets. Carry tools. Don’t take for granted passing through locked and unlocked barriers every day, become familiar with them and learn to recognize patterns. For vehicles, the older the vehicle the better, as far as auto-jiggling goes. Almost always want to use light tension, “think foreplay, not rape”. Only access those locks that you either own and/or have been given explicit permission to pick.

Have fun, stay safe, be smart, stay legal. And follow us on YouTube and on Instagram for more updates.