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018 Tactical Meetings

018 Tactical Meetings Warning* Today we drink, we use adult language, we make adult jokes, and we talk about Tactical Meetings. And the following: A great TED Talk that is “Unorthodox”… like me. Leadership and Management. Squad Meetings. Briefs and Debriefs. And more! Links Our Discord channel “Insurgency Knitting Circle”, link below, to chat in

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Law Enforcement Peelian Principles

Law Enforcement – Peelian Principles It’s the 1820’s and it’s time to take a bite out of crime and this old school baller thinks to himself “Let’s write up some rules for this police force thingy” the Peelian Principles are born. Intro Wiki and some other resources will likely tell you he’s some really great

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Military: Why Inspections aren’t a good thing

Military: Why Inspections aren’t a good thing If your workspace is clean and functional enough for your entire command, day in and day out, why is it not good enough for a NEW command or for a guest inspection??? Answer below… Imagine this: You joined the military because you thought this country needed your help.

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