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091 Interview Scott Babb of Libre Fighting

Today we interview Scott Babb about Libre Fighting, and of course we drink, and we use adult language. What we’re drinking for this one. About the Babb. Are blade arts international? Interesting knife violence stats. Before, During, and after a knife attack. Combat Distortions. Types of knives. Ways to carry. Precursors to violence. Getting involved

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090 Interview @Whiskey.Still.Lives on Government, Law Enforcement, Etc.

Today we drink, and interview an Instagram meme powerhouse, @Whiskey.Still.Lives on all things Liberty related: What we’re drinking. Content Disclaimer. @Whiskey.Still.Lives Perspective. Us to them, and them to us? The Peelian Principles. Self Ownership. The N.A.P. The Liberty Questions are Back. And more. Links *Reddit Enlightenment-Reading Post* “Statism, the most dangerous religion.” -By Larken Rose

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085 Tactical Knife Talk

085 Tactical Knife Talk Getting back into REAL life tactical talk today we’re going to be living on the edge! (I’m terrible at jokes). #KnifeTalk Disclaimer: Adult Language. Adult Content. Fyi. Bullet Points – (Knife Points?) Check out our chat with Ed’s Manifesto. What we’re drinking! Real Tissue. Deploying Your Knife. Legal Rants. Tip up?

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