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090 Interview @Whiskey.Still.Lives on Government, Law Enforcement, Etc.

Today we drink, and interview an Instagram meme powerhouse, @Whiskey.Still.Lives on all things Liberty related: What we’re drinking. Content Disclaimer. @Whiskey.Still.Lives Perspective. Us to them, and them to us? The Peelian Principles. Self Ownership. The N.A.P. The Liberty Questions are Back. And more. Links *Reddit Enlightenment-Reading Post* “Statism, the most dangerous religion.” -By Larken Rose

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Brand New Tactical and Liberty Podcast!

Tactical and Liberty Podcast! Over at you’ll find a brand new podcast where three hosts that come from both the survival and Liberty community and from service professions to talk about all sorts of shit that I think you’ll find pretty cool. Ox- our host who is a Medical PA (PA), Jack- EMT/Paramedic/Rescue operator

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Defending Open Source Lock Picking etc

11 Reasons Why I Promote the Open Source Skill Sets That I Teach Some points to defend phrases like “How dare you, bad guys can use these techniques!”. So let’s just start a dialogue and do some critical thinking and view some different perspectives. It’s gonna be fun šŸ˜‰   I’ve divided this into 11

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Principle – “The most important are the least important”

So how are the most important people the least important? This one is tongue in cheek. It goes both way (much like some of my former girlfriends). FIRST OFF: The people that by rank and command think they are the most importantĀ who in fucking RL (Real Life) only get in the way of the mission

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Leadership Principles – What You Get

If I asked you what type of leader you are would you have an answer? If I asked you what principles you lead by would you haveĀ that answer??? It’s fine if you don’t but take a second and ask yourself that before you dive into our new series here on “Leadership Principles from the Field”.

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Under Door Tool 2

Under Door Tool part2

Don’t own an Under Door Tool? Having trouble with your Sparrow’s Lock Picks’ UDT and our first video series “Under Door Tool Part1” didn’t cut it and you want some more pro tips? You’ve come to the right place. Bonus Case Study at the end. Sparrows Under Door Tool: Highly Recommended by me. There are

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“But Police and Military are trained to…”

Many people that both support and attack the Military and Law Enforcement Officers take GREAT steps inĀ assuming that they are “trained” for a large number of issues. “Training” in government jobs is one of the most subjective terms I have ever heard. Let’s talk about the MANY many problems with this quote. A long article

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Car Door Entry – Similar Key Principle

Need an option when you’re locked out of your car but don’t have access to your lock picking tools? There’s a principle I teach that helps to exploit that very situation. If you know how to use an auto jiggler (or even if you don’t) you’ll like this option for a mock key. I refer

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TLP Case Study – Emergency Room

TLP: Tactical Lock Picking. A case study of a few security issues from the field. It’s not rocket surgery but I gotta tell ya, sometimes completely smashing open the illusion of security really makes me feel like a James Bond or a Jason Bourne for a few minutes, a break from being a regular guy

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