Entry and Escape Training

Entry and Escape Training

Here at UncensoredTactical we are passionate about providing high quality courses of instruction to Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Prepared Civilians in the subjects of Tactical Lock Picking and Restraint Escape Techniques. We currently have open enrollment for our Florida class this August, below!

*Here is about an hour long podcast of Pat and Jack talking all about the courses offered:


Gulf Coast of Florida, August 18th 2018

This will be a one day course on Saturday, August 18th 2018; 8am – 4pm. The cost is $250 per student. The location will be in Parrish FL (Close to the cities of Bradenton and Ellenton). See below for a general outline of our “One Day Course”. I am only accepting 8 students maximum first come first served. Stay tuned to our podcasts for more info as the date approaches!

*To start the sign up process please submit an email *HERE* with “Parrish Class” as the subject line and I will return your email with payment info and other details.

*And you can always just email me with questions *HERE* also.

Houston TX 2018.

This course is in a holding patter for logistical reasons. If you are in the Houston area, or able to be in the Houston area for our Entry and Escape course please email me *HERE* with “Houston Class” and I will be happy to get you more info. Open enrollment will commence once I have enough students lined up.

1 Day (8 Hour) Course

Covers TWO main topics; Beginner Lock Picking and Restraint Escapes taught with NO powerpoint BS but in a very active setting.

*Cost is 250$ Per Student, minimum 6 students. Rough outline includes:

  • Lock Picking Sets provided for you to keep.
  • Course content and curriculum for you to keep.
  • Photo Policy: Take all the damn photos and videos you want, this is your information to keep and train with.
  • Access to cut-out and see through training aids.
  • Access to all of the gear I carry in my field entry kit.
  • We will take you from no experience, past beginner, into intermediate lock picking.
  • Basic Pin and Tumbler door lock Picking and Raking.
  • Basic Door Bypass techniques.
  • Basic Wafer Lock pick techniques.
  • Several different Padlock pick and bypass techniques.
  • Intro to Passwords, 4-Digit Combos, and Social Engineering.
  • Escapes from Handcuffs.
  • Escapes from Flexcuffs.
  • Escapes from Duct Tape.
  • Attendance Certificate.
  • Case Studies presented.
  • Military, LEO, First Responder application (If applicable).
  • And more. Click HERE to contact us for scheduling.

2 Day (16+ Hours) Course

*Cost is 350$ per student, minimum of 6 students. Includes all of the above as well as:

  • Advanced Pin Tumbler picking techniques.
  • Tubular Lock Picking and application.
  • Advanced Bypass Techniques.
  • Make many of your own Field Expedient tools.
  • Several Automobile Entry attack methods.
  • Test and apply your skills in a modified live and/or field environment (Depending on training site)
  • Address several major application flaws for Military / LEO for handcuff and flexcuff applications.
  • Hidden handcuff keys and weapon application module.
  • And More.¬†Click HERE to contact us for scheduling.

Contact US

For any questions about our course or to schedule training and choose a location please contact us on our CONTACT US FORUM and let us know. Seriously, feel free to ask and don’t feel like you have to jazz it up or be professional. Most of our content here is adult humor and adult language, which we love.