Urban Survival Course

Current Update:

Currently serving overseas and happily teaching a group of other military members while deployed. Unfortunately that means no courses will be taught stateside until this current deployment is over.

What We Offer:

Our Urban Survival Course is a mix of topics for everyone including Military, Law Enforcement and the Prepared Citizen for the urban setting. Topics include but are not limited to Hand to Hand combat, Lock Picking, Shooting, Weapons training – retention and disarms, Social Engineering, Making your own lock pick tools, and breaking into and out of cars and handcuffs and zipcuffs and more. All of it wrapped up in a live field exercise at the end of the course. Military and LEO students also receive some extra content concerning the use of these skills in their profession (The content is not sensitive or restricted from Citizens learning it but the focus is more concerning policy and legal issues etc that concern a career in operations).

The foundational course can be covered in about 8-16 hours. The field exercise is also variable but usually done in a downtown urban setting for a few hours, starting in restraints and blindfolded and putting all of your new skills to the test to escape and make your way through downtown with a bad ass to do list while trying to avoid being re-captured by head hunters.

Courses in South or Central Florida are easy to set up but classes can be taught elsewhere as long as the class size is sufficient.

Classes are still closed domestically due to current military deployment.