Sorry for the wait guys and gals! In Episode 007 (link*) we discussed several pieces of gear. Specifically I mentioned my new double mag carrier I used during day 2 of Guerilla Approach training. This will be short and sweet, lets get into it.

Cost: The single pouch (shown in pic above) retails for $55 or that’s the price on Crows tactical site, my tandem setup cost me $98 🙂

This is a magnetic kydex mag pouch… wait did he say magnetic? Yep it has magnets embedded in the pouch to help with mag retention, it can be set up (with different face plates) to accept single stack mags or double stack mags. I chose to set mine up for double stack mags.

In this pic you can see the embedded magnets and wide openings to accept the double stack mags. Also you can see the curved profile, it hugs the waist and is very comfortable, I wore it all day and even forgot to take it off.

Obviously I opted for the belt loops and the coupler plate to make mine a tandem mag holder. I wanted to include a good photo for yall.

This piece of equipment worked very well in multiple scenarios like running, transitioning from standing to laying on the ground, rolling over, getting in and out of vehicles ect… the mag holder would probably work fine without the embedded magnets but they are super cheap insurance. I haven’t had an issue loosing or dropping any mags while running drills on the range. Just so we are clear I have tested it with double stack mags from Glock, Springfield, Baretta and Walther, as well as single stack Glock and Springfield mags.

(link to manufacturers site)

Hope yall enjoy this article. Till next time, condition yellow, head on a swivel.

-TX Joe

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