Dara Holster – Reviewed

Dara Holster – Reviewed

You should know by now that I don’t give “fluff” reviews. If I like it I rant and rave about it, if I hate it I really fucking let you know. Come see what I think about my first few thoughts for Dara Holster’s vehicle “Claw” mount.


GREAT customer service. Product does NOT seem cheap. It seems very high quality. I LOVE that the mount installs with finger tightening and not a screw driver or other specialized tool.


Holster does not have positive traction, it does not stay where I put it. And because of the sliding of the mount up and down (in and out towards the seat) it traps my hand when I pull/draw my weapon out.

Their website was a little confusing in two ways for me.

One- There are several options for different mounts and different holster designs and some seem to overlap and need explanation. (Which the company provided me in a quick return email when I asked)

Two- It was difficult for me to understand a few of their descriptors and drop down menus when I had selected the holster and mount that I wanted. Examples are things like “Left side mount” to which I thought “Is that the left side of the center console? Left handed draw? Or left side of the GUN?” BUT again, they did absolutely give me a quick and clear answer in an email that I wrote to them.

Also, I have an internal LaserMax guide rod laser. It is really uncommon and I know that this company is highly unlikely to have foreseen this being a problem but when I put my weapon in to their holster it pushes against my take down lever (what activates my LaserMax laser) and turns on my laser. It is touchy and will turn on and off with even slight holster pressure for some reason. I do NOT experience this with any other holster I have.

Either way I provided a link below for the exact model that is shown in the pictures and videos in this article.


Very nice box. Sometimes a company is too small when they make custom items, then small-ish can be very effective and high quality. Then a company takes off with a good product, long story short much like the old “BlackHawk” items you can quickly sell out and turn into Chinese garbage. We’ll see…!

Signs of life! A clean shiny holster with some paperwork. Looks good so far, that paperwork might be corporate BS or it might be the human touch that most companies are missing…

Actual human signatures for quality control! My actual order receipt with details! A company card with a phone number to call with any questions. Fuck yeah. Calling them now. For real.

Ball Mount side.

Front side.

Two angles of their mounting Claw. Only two screws to turn. Yes. Thumb turn? Meaning I don’t have to use a fucking separate tool to adjust it! Now we’re talking! Nice work Dara! Seriously. It’s 2018! NO reason why engineering in tactical products should require specialized tools to instal clip on products (cough cough Surefire cough). You heard me.

Fits like a glove. Mostly… See the video above for more info.

This is a one man show (sometimes two). I do not have the time to detail my vehicle and do studio lighting and have a friend record me with extra lighting and framing etc so don’t judge my dirty/dusty vehicle floor! Hahaha. What I lack in studio production I more than make up for with honest reviews and no BS info. Also, here’s a picture of the rod I plan on mounting to.

Oh boy Dara. You were doing SO well up until now. Check out the video above to see why.


(Click Here*) for the actual page to the Light Bearing RAM Mounted Holster that I purchased from Dara.

Closing Thoughts

I will be calling them to see if other people experience this problem (non positive positioning), it may just be my vehicle. I also will be purchasing a screw in mount from them to see if I still like their brand and line of holsters. I think that may help a lot.

Question everything. Bring your humor. Use smart tactics, and stay legal.



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