Deadbolt Magnet Truth

Deadbolt Magnet Truth

Today we show you some truth about a super cool looking deadbolt magnet technique, a technique that doesn’t always apply to the real world. There is a difference between unlocking a lock mounted on a training stand, and doing so in the real world. Some instructors teach “Lock Picking” or “Covert Entry” mainly by powerpoint and little wooden training stands. I do NOT use powerpoint and I have some very advanced training stands and very few of them and I always point out the difference between training and application. Let’s see some examples of that principle in action.

Above is our original video, below you will see the technique that I reference throughout my instruction.


  • Store your magnet safely.
  • When you take your magnet out to apply it I recommend a durable cloth to put around it.
  • Keep it away from electronics and phones and credit cards and wallets.
  • When I am CARRYING my magnet around in the field I also make sure I carry it like a restaurant server with a food tray, that way my hands don’t swing by my waists and other people know I have a tool in my hands.


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At Uncensored Tactical we drink, we use adult language and make adult jokes about tools, tactics, training, leadership, humor and much more. But don’t be fooled, this content is VERY serious, although presented loosely. In law enforcement and in military operations and in every day civilian security practice you may have to take a life. If we are going to talk about taking lives and risking our own lives I think it’s reasonable that we also are able to express ourselves freely and paint a picture with whatever language and style we choose.

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