Decoding the Master M175 Combo Lock

Decoding the Master M175 Combo Lock

I have needed to do this in real life before and fucked it up. Ask me how!

I don’t know where they came up with their numbering system but the Master Lock 175 & M175 have two different types of locking mechanisms inside of them. The basic bypass technique for the 175 where you stick a shim in next to the third wheel and activate a latch will not work on today’s M175 in the video above.

I was checking a business alarm one night on patrol and myself and my partner were going to check behind said local business but there was a 6 ft high wooden fence with a Master M175 holding the fence shut. Lock Picking is always a learning process and at that point I had not known that the Master 175 and bigger boxier M175 were different internally.

So as often happens in the lock picking world I said to my partner “Watch this cool shit” and I failed to utilize the famous 175 bypass on the bigger M175 and looked like an idiot. Long time ago! hahaha

Speaking of fences and alarms I did a pretty cool podcast episode about securing the homestead and talked about fences and locks in a way that you may be surprised to hear about:

Link: LibertyMastermindPodcast – Security and Your Home


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