Decoding the Master M175 without any tools!

I can not in good conscience let you go out and buy a lock that a 9 year old can open without any tools! 🙂

Today we are decoding the Master Lock 875, 975, M175, 1175, 1177 and similar other similar models without any tools! I remember literally using the SAME technique as a child so put this tool in your toolbox because it is a valuable skill that you don’t need to carry around in a bag and knowing that this exists can help you protect your property without having a tool that you hold false belief in!

I recently saw a video posted by Lockpicking Lawyer on YouTube, posted below, so I have to give credit where credit is due. It’s a 10 minute long video and explains the ins and outs of why this technique works. If I were you I would check out his channel and subscribe, LOTS of good content there.

In my video above I show you the decoding technique in short form working on a Master M175 and a Master 1177. It requires a few practice attempts before you get a great feel for it, it wasn’t perfect for me right off the bat, but it’s close enough that even if I get a number wrong I can go through and fix it pretty quick.

Original LockPickingLawyer video here:

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