Deep Cover by Michael Levine – Reviewed

Deep Cover by Michael Levine – Reviewed

Deep Cover by Michail Levine

VERY passionate about this book. The author and I have much in common. Come check out today’s review on our YouTube channel.

Be a critical thinker. Read books. Fuck bitches. Get money. Look into the NAP and Voluntaryism. And stay safe out there.


(Excerpts below)

An operator after my own heart lol. We are in two very similar mindsets.


This author does the OPPOSITE of my biggest pet peeve “boring the shit out of the reader in the first chapter”


Some case studies on the first few pages for perspective (And perspective is a hell of a tool) along with a new proposed title for the “War On Drugs” being “The war of lies, hypocrisy, and self-interest”. I’ll vote for that name change.


My own principles and philosophy, which I believe IS moral and righteous and just, is that we (the US) shouldn’t be sending 65 million $ worth of ANYTHING to ANYONE until we have our own GOD DAMMED AFFAIRS IN ORDER! But that’s just an aside. Not really what this book is about but I noticed it and wanted to jump on the soap box.


More examples of a LOT of actual value between these covers (that’s what she said).


This is how I felt about every single person in my chain of command during my last military deployment. It’s fucking scary how true this author’s statements are.


This statement will probably be a whole episode on the podcast…coming soon.

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