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Deviant Ollam – Spotlight

Here’s how it all started… I was overseas, BORED out of my mind, and really looking to broaden my horizons (this sounds like the beginning of a skin-a-max flick!) … broaden my horizions with my lock picking / pentesting / social engineering knowledge base.

I had run out of hour-long podcasts to listen to and had moved on to finding 8 hours of videos on YouTube per night to soak up some knowledge. I kept seeing this weird maybe name thing(?) “Deviant Ollam on…” talking about all sorts of cool shit at conferences like DefCon and other cool events. For some reason, maybe it was the callsign which btw is super cool, I kept seeing the videos but never clicked. And then one night… it all just clicked!

I probably didn’t sleep that night because this guy is a super fucking wealth of knowledge and I picked apart the internet and filled up a few playlists worth of his hour+ long videos.

Here are some bullet points.

-We have reviewed his two bad ass lock picking books here “Practical Lock Picking”

-He works for a Security Auditing company “The Core Group”. And he gives tons of really good education at speaking events and at TOOOL.us events.

-My FIRST video of his that I watched that STILL holds the #1 spot in my little lock picking heart:

-His YT videos are fire btw. ALL of them are packed completely full of info. Even though you may notice that some of them overlap with pieces of info that he repeats, each video still has tons of merit.

-If you want just a flat out load of resources for Deviant than check out this page here at -deviating.net- which has a bunch of little icons at the bottom of the page for all the different topics he has interests and knowledge in.

-Amazon link below. ***I DO get amazon affiliate credit if you click this link, full disclosure*** but as you’ll see if you cruise my site, there are severalUrban Survival (&Lock Picking) Courses books and products that I recommend you DO NOT buy. One of the biggest reasons I’ve started this website is so that I don’t have to sell out my morals to my clients. Deviant Ollam’s books on amazon (only one linked below) are 100% worth every penny. I use them when I teach my !

Check this guy out. He is genius level.


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