Door Latch Bypass Override!

Door Latch Bypass Override!


Lock Picking bypasses are cool, except when security features prevent them. What’s even cooler than that? Overriding security! 😉

Bypasses that attack your simple angled door latches can usually be done from either side of the door frame. Today we show you from the visible side of the door with a shove knife.

This is a quick no-edit video and I try not to let nomenclature get in the way of learning and teaching but the term for that little spine button next to your latch is a “Dead Latch Button” although different manufactures will sometimes call it something similar but different.

I’ve been trying out a few different bypass tools lately and will be doing an article on that  as well soon but for today I used a “Quick Jim”.

Remember: The difference between “Lock Picking” and “Tactical Lock Picking” is the field application!

Four different bypass tools specifically for attacking a door latch from the visible side of the door frame, all from pictured with a standard residential door “Latch Strike Plate” in the top left.



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