Under Door Tool part2

Don’t own an Under Door Tool? Having trouble with your Sparrow’s Lock Picks’ UDT and our first video series “Under Door Tool Part1” didn’t cut it and you want some more pro tips? You’ve come to the right place. Bonus Case Study at the end.

Sparrows Under Door Tool:


  • Highly Recommended by me. There are ways to improvise though.
  • Do a door handle height check first.
  • Use the UDT handle as your primary force.
  • Make the UDT tip go straight vertical and LISTEN for the tip to come in contact with the far side of the door.
  • With LIGHT tension on you pull string, shimmy both the UDT and the pull string towards the door handle.
  • When you have hit resistance Pull the pull string straight down while pushing the door away or towards you (depending on the set of the door).
  • (Beware Bags and Boxes, tool can get stuck).

Gold Finger Tool:

Gold Finger Tool

  • Your SECOND best bet.
  • About 20 dollars. (www.LockPicks.com)
  • Multiple uses!
  • Watch how the rigidity is very similar to the UDT and you get very strong feel and feedback. (Remember to keep the string tied as far toward the tool’s edge so that you can ensure it stays flush with the door – ensuring it loops between the small space between the door handle and the door itself.Gold Finger Tool
  • All the same principles as the Sparrows UDT.

Fence Wire and 550 cord:

  • PRICE: No. Under Door Tool x2
  • Bend it into a big “J”. If you have a similar door to practice on, use the door to help shape your tool.
  • KEEP 550 ON TIP. (Pic, again)
  • Gold Finger Tool
  • Match height of front of door.
  • USE SIMILAR DOOR, or ASK OWNER OF THE DOOR IF THE HANDLE IS A DEAD HANDLE OR ACTIVE. (If the door is locked and you turn the handle, does it automatically unlock the lock?)
  • Hear the tool make contact with door, drag to the side, and listen and feel for resistance.


Coat Hangar Lock Pick

Coat Hangars. They’re for more than just back alley abortions 😉

  • PRICE: Also, no.
  • If you can, find the good ones and shove them in your car trunk. MULTIPLE USES! (The ones used in this video have a paper tube in the middle where the wire does not go all the way through. If you can find the full coat hangars, they are better)
Coat Hangar 2

They are not created equal.

  • PULL GENTELY, Easy to lose height on opposite side of door  (as seen in video)


Ok. So no shit, there I was. Usually it’s a squad mate that pipes up on the radio in my ear and says “Hey, uhhh, have unit 3 jump up to the tac channel” To which it’s usually one of three reasons they need me. The usual is for lock picking …the other two are private 😉

This time it was my LT. Who is actually pretty fucking squared away, an anomaly in government work. He says to meet him at our district office. He smiles mischievously and tells me he needs me to break into his own office. Fiiiiine with me!

I try picking the lock with a standard rake, no luck. I switch to SPP and still cant make much progress. I had put SparrowsLockPicks.com’s Under Door Tool on my personal list of items to buy. But had not yet bought it. (This is not the first time I have had this scenario happen with different types of tools!)

BUT! ALAS! I had a Gold Finger Tool in my trunk that was pretty flexible but also had a dash of rigidity in it (like several of my last girlfriends).

I tie a quick bowline in a shoe string from my PT shoes, slap that fucker onto the end of the Gold Finger Tool and prepare to shove the whole thing under my LT’s door. Just to make sure…

I look around and the LT and a SGT are standing together hoping to see some magic. I ask the SGT “Hey, Sarge. Do you have the keys for YOUR office right here across the hallway?” He seems confused, but I’m the subject matter expert here so he rolls with it. I check to see if his handle of his door is active or passive. Using the “Same Lock, Same Key, Same Code” principle. I open the SGT’s office door with his key. I go inside, lock the door, and turn the handle. AWESOME! It’s active. It unlocks the door when you turn the handle.

So I go back to the LT’s door. Slide my tool in (giggle). And in less than 10 seconds we have access.

“Use your resources. Know your tools. Know your skill level. Prioritize your attacks, if one attack isn’t working, know when to move on to another technique. Remember your principles of operations.”

Hope this article helps you bang through a few obstacles.

Stay safe, Stay smart, Stay Legal, and only access those locks that you either own or have been given explicit permission to pick.