Endurance by Alfred Lansing – Review

Endurance by Alfred Lansing – Review

Endurance by Alfred Lansing

Endurance By Alfred Lansing, Narrated by Simon Prebble

A short word on my consumption method, I have a Job, Commute, and Lifestyle that makes actually reading very difficult. Therefore my preferred method of consumption of written works is audiobooks. Like it or not I still enjoy lots of books on various topics. Having said that im going to get into the review. Hope yall enjoy!

Im acutely aware of the continuous chipping away of manliness in the modern era, and  I spend a lot of time consuming information on principals, teachings, activities, and experiences pertaining to the subject of manliness. Im not talking about “toxic masculinity” (whatever the F*** that actually means). Im talking about acting like a genuine, respectful and respect worthy man, who faces his challenges with courage and prevails. Striving to set great examples of determination, perseverance, strength, and conviction. What better place to look than back to the men in history who persevered and prevailed before us, to earn a hard won place in posterity.


Endurance, is an account of historical events surrounding the exploration voyage to the Antarctic by Captian Earnest Shackelton and his crew of the ship Endurance. Kind of wondering why the hell im reviewing this book on Tactical Book Club?


In the interest of brevity, my answer is, mindset and having the sheer will to survive.

The events in which the men aboard the ship Endurance are hard to imagine. If the accounts are to be believed, the men aboard the Endurance face seemingly insurmountable odds, unimaginably hostile environments, harsh elements, heart breaking setbacks and still manage to for the most part manage to come through. The book covers the span of 19 months, a voyage of over 1,000 miles.


Im sure I speak for several people when I say I love shows about Cody Lundin, or Bear Grylls. Surviving and using their skills to persevere in harsh climates and remote locations. Well how about surviving in, brutal seas, gale force winds, sub zero temperatures and majority of the time being soaked to the bone. Frankly that sounds like a miserable existence to me. But for the men aboard the endurance that was life for nearly 19 months.


Principals covered that are relative to todays man.

Conviction – choosing a path or making a choice and standing by it even when it seems like it may have been fool hearty, and straight up owning it even if it is.

Mind set – the men aboard the endurance encounter obstacle after obstacle both physically and emotionally , boredom, despair and hunger but still survive. Sometimes by storytelling, humor, debate, lenghty discussions ect… but it’s the collective will to go one and not give up that carries them through to the end even when in tiny boats in one of the worlds harshest environments.

Pain shared is pain divided, joy shared is joy multiplied… even when facing death. Don’t get it? Read On combat, and Endurance.

Leadership – having to make truly difficult decisions, being responsible and accountable, also see “conviction” above.

You may be down, but you aren’t out of the fight, this also harkens back to On Combat (our review of that HERE). In essence, have a purpose and don’t give up fighting no matter the odds.


This book is entertaining but I believe also will give the reader pause to do some self-reflection. Maybe take a little time to do a personal inventory, and lend some motivation to examine ones weakness and take steps to shore those weaknesses up a little. Hey it may just be a way to escape the toils of the day, or help your commute be a little more enjoyable. Either way I think this story of survival embodies the essence of the mindset that is required to survive.


I hope you enjoy this book, and like my review.


(no podcasters were harmed in the writing of this review)



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