Ep 074 TX Joe on Modern Homesteading

Ep 074 TX Joe on Modern Homesteading

Today we’re ACTUALLY drinking, at a bar(!) and getting an update from TX Joe for all the value that he has put into his modern homestead and all the value that it has brought to him. Join us as we discuss:

  • What we’re drinking.
  • An overview and update of TX Joe’s homestead.
  • How he handles loads of tumbleweeds. (Thanks AJ from Discord)
  • Chickens, Horses, Aquaponics, and more.
  • Why making an hour drive to work is worth it still.
  • No excuses. Making time to get shit done.
  • And more.

Episode 74? Homesteading?

Uncensored Tactical is merging with Liberty Mastermind Podcast and we are creating a new community to bring value to the world, Insurgency Knitting Circle! A place where adults (mostly degenerates) come to talk about Liberty, self sufficiency, guns and tactical talk, side hustles, and much more while bringing value to each others lives in a positive respectful environment.

So you noticed the episodes are out of order. Yes. We will be taking all of the previous Uncensored episodes and all of the previous LMP episodes and combining/totaling them. You noticed that homesteading has nothing (almost nothing) to do with tactics and military / police issues… that is because our content is merging as well. Uncensored Tactical will continue to provide high quality content with the same open minded and unorthodox views but will also be covering more topics like Liberty, self sufficiency, side hustling, and more!


*Link to Joe’s Automation for his chicken coop*

TX Joe and I, and our ladies met up together and recorded here. Really clean, lots of great beer, great atmosphere!


Yes. Even though I walked away from the bureaucracy sometimes I still wear the “cool guy” shirts 🙂


Beer was REAL good.


The little nook where we recorded at!


TX Joe’s beer of choice. Oh… and some legs. That was TOTALLY on accident. I swear. 🙂


Looks like a little jungle, works like a food making factory!


Chickens!!! They literally poop out free delicious food! (I don’t know if “poop out” is the best verb of choice – I’m not an expert, ask TX Joe).


You can see the automation addition we talked about in the show at the top of the open door.


Feeding the horses!!! So cool!!!


Aquaponics! Hear TX Joe’s elevator pitch and my simpleton analogy in today’s show!


Coolest freaking life hack! Homesteading hack! Added value, automation, added nutrition, function stacking!!!


And some post interview family fun. The first hand I drew in Cards Against Humanity. If I don’t with this fucking game tonight then there is something wrong with this universe! 🙂


Below is our link to our Discord channel “Insurgency Knitting Circle”. Join us to chat in real time with me and some of the other cohosts as well as members of the tactical and liberty community. Our community that shares and creates content and knowledge on an almost 24/7 schedule! A very positive place with lots of good people, and growing!



At Uncensored Tactical we drink, we use adult language and make adult jokes about tools, tactics, training, leadership, humor and much more. But don’t be fooled, this content is VERY serious, although presented loosely. In law enforcement and in military operations and in every day civilian security practice you may have to take a life. If we are going to talk about taking lives and risking our own lives I think it’s reasonable that we also are able to express ourselves freely and paint a picture with whatever language and style we choose.

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Bring your humor, use smart tactics, and stay legal.

-TX Joe & Pat

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