Hey yall, today’s daily dose of awesomeness is one of my favorite accessories for my AR.

I love this thing, my kids love this thing… Its the CMMG 22LR Covnersion bolt for thr AR-15 platforms. This is hands down one of the best investments I have ever made to my collection. It quickly converts your AR from 223/5.56 to 22 LR without making any mods other than changing the bolt carrier group… and when I say quick I mean like 30 seconds or less… LITERALLY.

This is great if you are working with novice shooters, kids, or just want to spend a cheap day training at the range… and thats just the beginning of the benefits of this handy little device.

Here is a short video, hope yall enjoy!



As usual here is a link to the manufacturers site:

Kits come in a variety of combinations from just the bolt swap, to combos with bolt and 10 round mags, to combos with the bolt 25 round mags.


Well kids thats all I have for yall today, hope you found it informative and enjoyable. Please let us know how we can improve by shooting us and email, or join us on Discord and ask any of us a question in real time. We are very active with our audience there.

Till next time, stay safe!

-TX Joe

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