Short post today folks, I got a new holster and wanted to give yall a short video of it.

I love this thing,  its fits about 80 – 90 (and counting) semi auto platforms. WAIT! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!

Yep you that read right… you see this holster is similar to other holsters but there is a major detail that makes this holster different. But you will have to watch the short video to see why.



As usual here is a link to the manufacturers site:

And incase you cant visit the site heres a list of currently compatible Manufacturers and variants:

1911 Variants with rails
1911 with out Rails
Beretta 92f, PX Storm, Nano
CZ-75 / P01 Series
CZ-P07, P09 Series
FN-X,S,P Series
Glock Series works with all Glocks ( G21 thru G43 but will Not work with G42)
Heckler & Koch VP Series
Heckler & Koch P30 Series
Heckler and Kock USP and USP Compact Series ( also P2000)
Ruger SR Series
Ruger LC9
Smith & Wesson M/P Series, Shield and SDV
Springfield XD Series ( XD, XDM, XDS Series) /Canik
Sig Sauer p320/P250 Series
Sig Sauer P226Series
Sig Sauer P2022 and P229 Series
Taurus PT Series
Walther PPS and PPQ Series


Hope yall enjoy the video and found this post informative. Till next time, yall stay safe!

-TX Joe

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