Gear Review – Ultra Shot M-Spec

Sup guys and gals, got a new review for y’all.

Im excited to do this review. Today im reviewing the Ultra Shot M-Spec FMS reflex sight (SM26035). I really enjoyed testing this piece of equipment. I appreciate its design, utility and features.

Lets get into it.

Price range: MSRP is $239. Some sites have it listed for 199$, though availability is extremely limited in fact every internet site I scanned at the time of this review it was completely out of stock.


  • Rail mount (screw, NOT QD mount)
  • CR123 battery powered
  • 1 moa adjustment
  • Digital controls (side mounted pressure pad)
  • 10 Levels of brightness adjustment
  • Circle dot Reticle (red)
  • Day time mode (red) / NVG (IR) MODE!!!
  • Auto shut off (after 12 hours)
  • Low battery indicator (reticle blinks)
  • IP68 Waterproof to depth of 40ft.
  • Motion sensing AUTO ON/OFF activation
  • Black low reflection satin-ish anodizing
  • Recoil rated for .50 bmg though I certainly didn’t test it with anything that big.


  • Well-built and solid feeling optic
  • Windage and elevation screws are firm and feel solid
  • Digital controls are easy to find with thumb, and once learned the brightness settings are easy to change.
  • The sun shade is a handy and I like this feature it say attention to detail.
  • Love the NVG mode feature, Im surprised to get that feature in this optic at this price level.
  • Really love the Motion sensing function, its super handy and very sensitive. This function had no problem in actual usage, literally the action of picking up whatever firearm its mounted on. Otherwise a light tap on the stock, cycling the charging handle or seating a mag easily will activate the optic.
  • For guys like me that occasionally forget to turn off optics the auto on / off function helps as well as the 12 hour auto shut off if not in auto mode.

What I would change:

  • Make controls a little larger so that use while wearing gloves is easier, you don’t have to worry about accidentally shutting off the optic cause it’s a press and hold on / off activation.
  • Make the NVG mode button separate from main controls, I accidentally changed modes during shoot and move drills when going from low ready to engaged. Not a deal killer but I would seriously consider isolating the NVG mode button.
  • QD mounting, though I understand and appreciate why its not on this optic.

Picture time:


Bottom line:

I like the unit. Sure there are some things I would change but they are improvements and none are deal breakers for me. In my opinion this is another solid and reliable optic from Sightmark. As always I huge thank you to the crew at Sightmark for allowing me to test this unit. A huge thank you also to you guys the readers and listeners for being a part of this growing website and podcast.

If anyone has questions about the ultrashot that I haven’t covered please let us know.

As always stay safe, see yall next time.

-TX Joe

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