Guerrilla Approach Course Review

Guerrilla Approach Course Review

LEO/Military only Vehicle Tactics, Princeton NJ

Disclosure: I paid my own way into this course and I have never met or spoken to Aaron Barruga before arriving at the course. I attended the course because I needed a refresher and a chance to knock some rust off and did plan on doing a brief review of the course. I did not inform Aaron that I was going to be doing a review because even though it would have been unlikely for him to treat a known reviewer different I decided to avoid the possibility all together. If you have seen my other work you will know that I have NO problem speaking the truth about a product, service, person or company if they sucks balls. Listen to my review of Aaron’s course below and see why I had the good time that I did. I have received no compensation from Aaron or Guerrilla Approach for my review whatsoever. -Pat

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