Handcuff Pick Escape 1

Handcuff Escape Pick #1

I am always amazed … scratch that, I’m not… at how many ACTUAL cops don’t know that this technique exists. Your departments are all failing you by not teaching you about the limitations of your gear. (If you want to know more about why I don’t feel bad about teaching this click here for some interesting perspective).

This technique won’t work if the handcuffs are double locked, as they should be if the arresting officer isn’t complacent. There is still a technique that will work for that but it requires an extra step, a video for the future on our to do list. Some handcuffs are also notably more difficult to make this technique work. But if you can get it with a bobby pin there’s also a good chance you could achieve the same technique with a safety pin or even a good paperclip… So sad.

**When training always have a spare key, preferably attached to your body that is easily accessible. Funny story about that, ask me later.

At least in the state that I work in, if you are detained by Law Enforcement and handcuffed, and you have a handcuff key on you, you are required to inform the officer placing you in restraints or you’re going to get another criminal charge¬†even if you weren’t under arrest in the first place.¬†And if you make it into a jail or prison somehow and they find the key on you at THAT point…. boy are you in even bigger trouble. Don’t be an idiot.

This video is also to help inform and teach the plethora of officers that have NO clue about this, so that they can take steps that will make it more difficult to escape restraints including a proper search and properly positioning the hands and always monitoring your arrestees etc.

Stay smart, stay safe, stay legal.


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