HYVE Mag Extensions / Elite Tactical Systems G43

HYVE Mag Extensions and Elite Tactical Systems magazines for Glock 43

Plus 1 and plus 2 extensions.

Installing and first thoughts on HYVE’s magazine extensions +1 and +2; installed onto Elite Tactical Systems clear Glock 43 magazines.

WARNING: With almost ALL of the aftermarket magazine extensions I’ve put on my G43 mags some type of swelling occurs (that’s what she said) and it’s tough to get the mags to easily glide in and especially out when empty for a mag drop. I have found that usually this goes away and may happen because of the tight tolerance (giggity) of the aftermarket floor plates squeezing the bottom of the mag but like I said, usually is self correcting over time. I’ll keep you updated.

The metal color shading is impressive.

I also added a HYVE extended mag release. Big fan so far of this little guy.

FYI the Elite Tactical Systems mags are a little sticky going in and out of the kydex TrexArms holster, but they seem to go in and out of the G43 better than the originals.

Loving the look, hopefully it puts out as advertised. 🙂


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