Military: Why Inspections aren’t a good thing

Military: Why Inspections aren’t a good thing

If your workspace is clean and functional enough for your entire command, day in and day out, why is it not good enough for a NEW command or for a guest inspection??? Answer below…

Imagine this:

You joined the military because you thought this country needed your help. You believed ALL the news stories and you haven’t yet read War is a Racket (link).

…the MILITARY, an organization… the ONLY organization, in this country whose entire mission is to go fight wars to “protect our country” (we’ll ignore private contractors for now).

You have spent a ton of time sitting through powerpoints on how to not rape people, a ton of time at the beginning and end of each day waiting to get briefed by your command unsure of what the fuck your plans were or when you were going home, you have cleaned vehicles, moved supplies around, sat through more anti-rape seminars, and learned that Snowden was a traitor but that “if you see something, you should say something”… You have not spent any time this calander year so far training how to fight a war.

Instead of training how to fight a war you are dragged away from whatever project you command has tentatively got you doing and you are told “We have a new CO coming next week. Make sure this place is spotless!”

You tell your supervisor “We clean this place up every day at the end of the work day, is that not enough?”

Your supervisor responds “We need this place to look extra good, the CO will be doing a ‘full inspection’ of this place when he gets here and we need to make sure that blah blah blah blah [no real answer].

So you do it. This is your first or second “rodeo” so to speak. You get out the pledge and the paper towels (might as well be fucking sheets of brown paper), and you wipe the top flat part of the baseboards of your entire building. You know, to get the dust off of it. You decide that you will actually take some pride in this because when you say to your supervisor “All Done!” he’ll check your work and say “Great job, that’s better than I expected”.

You finish.

You tell you supervisor.

He says “oh.. well go help private so and so with the broom closet”.

You are deflated, you question all the effort you just put into your stupid task, but you carry on.

You see everybody higher ranking than you hiding, and joking, and screwing around.

You are literally the last one working and you keep checking in with your supervisor and keep getting handed more tasks while everybody else is still dicking around.

You are free to go.

This repeats a few times the next few days and it’s the big day with the new Commander of the unit.

Inspection Day:

You put on an EXTRA special uniform that is crappily made and uncomfortable. You stand out in the fucking heat and sweat your balls off while you NEW CO tells your OLD CO how much care he is going to take of “the men…and women”.

The CO not only does not look at the dust-level of the baseboards… he also doesn’t even go into your little mini-team office at all and if he does he pokes his head in, gives a firm official nod to the men and says “Carry on” and glances left, glances right, and walks right the fuck down the hallway to his own huge ass office and starts asking people for help so that he can hang up his own plaques and pictures around his huge ass desk and two of his own desktop computers.

…while you get told that you didn’t finish all your powerpoint training…and you have to wait in line for a computer… powerpoint training that you COULD have been doing instead of spending 3 days cleaning the fucking baseboards.

Other options:

In a recent review, Brotherhood of Warriors (Link), Aaron Cohen says that in the Israeli Army uniforms are not pressed and inspected. They are all wrinkled and comfortable and it is what it is. They are NOT inspected. What IS important there (to the people that are perpetually stuck in the fight for their lives) is that their weapons systems are clean and functional.

Hmmmm… I TOLD you that priorities say a lot about an organization!


I am fucking shocked(!) that their aren’t more “Disillusioned Vets” that leave the service. …Well actually, I’m pretty sure that the whole 22 Veteran Suicides a Day (I suggest you read this article linked from Task and Purpose) within that number, accurate or not, is a bunch of Disillusioned Vets that have given their blood sweat and tears, and SOUL, to this military because they thought they were going to be helping, but instead found out that the military that they worked so hard for did not work hard back for them… so… boom; and not in a good way.

Start asking simple questions and demanding answers. Start asking HARD questions. Start looking at where your command has its priorities at, it speaks louder than the false fucking promises they keep spitting out. 



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