How to be Invisible by J.J. Luna

How to be Invisible by JJ Luna

-Bullet point number one: this article will be structured in bullet points 😉

Some things I really liked:

  • By not using your real home address attached to your real name, you will ALWAYS know that if anyone is walking towards your front door, for official or unofficial business, you already know they are out of place! ie “Protocols” for dealing with people as a threat to your safety. Kind of a bonus on top of keeping your privacy.
  • Case studies! Nothing makes me more wet then to hear about real case studies that are interesting, provide learning, and properly presented.
  • The book is UPDATED and acknowledges that with the digital age privacy requires constant updates as well. He lists another website and a password that you can read in the book to access the MOST up to date info even if you have an older version of the book. (link)
  • (One criticism is that this address takes you to his author’s website and I have not seen anywhere for the need of his secret password or even a place to type it in. But still a good site to check out!)
  • The OCD writing style. Lots of small chapters with good headings, and lots of little short lists of numbers and bullet points… A man after my own heart!

And in my video above we threw out a little nod to some more Tactical Lock Picking information that was referenced in “How to be Invisible” specifically talking about “Arrow Keys”. Here is a video below of Deviant Ollam (profile here) talking about “Arrow Keys”. (ARROW KEY REFERENCE STARTS AT 32:00)

-We previously reviewed How to Disappear (here) but don’t waste your time, it freaking sucked.

-This book, even as early as the rear flap and the table of contents, is a surprisingly welcomed read for me!

Back Flap


Table of Contents. Already Impressed.

-About the Author: JJ Luna, as you may have read above already. His website (Link) is professional and my favorite thing about him and his writing is that he doesn’t seem like he’s a pompous asshole and he doesn’t seem like he’s trying to make himself sound cooler than he really is. (cough cough… see my earlier review of How to Disappear).


“How to use this book” I love it. I well thought out, well laid out book.

The “Answering the door” protocol. This is SO important for everyone in the family. Seriously consider thinking about this.

Really liking this definition of a lie. Right on!

-Amazon Link:

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